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What to consider before choosing a jeweller

Selecting an elegant diamond wedding ring is a meticulous process that shouldn’t be carried out alone. With an expert jeweller at your side to put you through the process, but no jeweller will work for you. A jeweller should have the requisite knowledge of the industry but also be trustworthy and creative. If you find a reliable jeweller, they would be able to lead you through the buying process. Here are some things to take note of before choosing a jeweller.

What to consider before choosing a jeweller


Look for certifications

First, look for a jeweller with spotless credentials from an international gem school, like GIA. A GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) credential is known all over the World as the signature of a senior expert in the jewellery industry. In the Graduate Gemologist program, jewellers grasp the technical and scientific knowledge required in handling the whole range of diamonds and coloured gemstones. Another GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) offers sales associates the necessary product knowledge to provide buyers with precise diamond information. Jewellers with any of these credentials can then offer remarkable and knowledgeable service.

Can they be trusted?

Before choosing to buy a ring, ask yourself if the brand is reliable. You can often trust a brand that has been in the business for some years, but you have to review what past customers have said about their services.
Search the internet for reviews about the jeweller. Check jewellery forums. Watch out for comments on the vendor’s social media pages. If you find something unexpected with the store, you will see it in any of these areas.

Warranty: Important Aspect of Picking a Jeweller

These services are available during the ring’s lifetime and tabulated in the warranty a jeweller provides. Even though this may not appear necessary if your ring is very new, it must be of deep concern when you want to buy such a worthwhile investment. Most jewellers provide a basic plan added to the price of the ring. For instance, if you take the ring for periodic inspection (usually once a year or every six months), you might qualify for free essential services or discounts on repairs. Before acceding to the policy, you should know the type of plans that last more extensive repairs, including destruction or loss of the diamond itself.


Evaluate Services When Selecting a Jeweller

Before selecting a jeweller, you should check the services they will offer during the ring’s lifetime. Can they conveniently provide regular cleanings and general maintenance? What of better extensive repairs? What if you choose later on to reshape the diamonds into an entirely new ring? Despite that virtually every jeweller will then accept these kinds of requests, they may just be shipping your jewellery off to another location instead of finishing the services on that particular spot. Inform jewellers must about the type of services provided during the lifespan of the ring, whether the design is done in that location or shipped out.

One of the services your jeweller must offer

Cleaning: A wedding ring is what you can wear and often don’t take off all the time. It leads to it getting dirty fast. A jeweller knows this need and prefers to retain the piece that you laboured so hard in the making in pristine condition.

Style Collection

Know the styles and the basic aesthetic of the designer. Look for a company that has techniques that you relate to. Whether you want something ancient, classic or contemporary, a company will provide you with suitable styles. Set aside a little bit of time to research and find. In selecting a jeweller that knows your tastes, it will be best to tell them what you like and the type of customizations you prefer. You will be able to view past examples of the same jewellery they had made too.


Another critical step is to be okay with whatever pricing the jeweller is set at. They should be giving prices that are a suitable medium concerning what you intend to spend. If you find steep discounts like 80% off that are always provided, the retailer might be up to some dirty tricks. If the pricing seems too low or too sweet to be accurate, there may be something the jeweller is hiding. At last, if it appears that the jewellery is highly-priced, don’t buy it. You shouldn’t pay so much for a brand name if you do not see any extra beneficial value from it.

They must be established

You would prefer a jeweller who has been working in the industry for many years now. The longer they have been in operation, the better experience they will have gained in picking the choicest metals and producing a series of unique designs. Experience in the industry is also an indicator that they will keep on operating for a long time. With this, the store will be available to render wedding bands and anniversary rings over the years.


Inspect the metal used in the wedding rings

Even though the majority will pay attention to the diamond, the metal employed is important to make the ideal engagement ring. Silver, for example, has been added to jewellery for more than 6,000 years. To producing excellent rings, precious metals like gold and platinum are also included with a few brands. A reliable jewellery store dealer will waste no time in verifying the metal content. If you’re entering the metal and ring industry, they should assist you through it unbiasedly to get the ideal ring.

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