Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 001

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn-Winter 2019 Colors from JCK

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn

With every new season, Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn comes a new trend. The fashion world buzzes with excitement every season as we all get to witness some new looks, new styles, and new pieces. Some of the most popular jewelry trends the fall/ winter 2019 season brought were vibrant gemstones, oversized pieces, overpowering embellishments and lots and lots of color! Gemstones were the highlight of fall/ winter 2019. We can confidently say that the trend this fall/winter is to step out of your comfort zone!

Huge designers and big brands totally ditched the ‘less is more’ mentality.Models owned the runway. They walked with oversized and colorful chains, sporting looks that were almost impossible to pull off. While Jeremy Scott of Moschino went all out with the colors, sizes, and gems, Dolce &Gabbana, on the other hand, stuck to their ‘chic and sophisticated’ standards and pulled off a wholesale jewelry set of a single color. While some models looked euphoric wearing blue jewels all over, others wore green and rocked the runway!

Pantone has analyzed the color palette and tones used in the fall/winter 2019 trends just like they do in every season! Moreover, we’re going to cover jewel stone Pantone for Fall/Winter 2019. This Fall/Winter 2019 palette is unique, daring and primitive. The color tones are distributed throughout the color spectrum. From earth tones to neutral tones, every color-matched with a specific jewel seamlessly.

Listed below are 12 different jewels that matched with 12 different tones.

Eden – Green Agate, Cubic Zirconia (Green)

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Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 003
Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 004

This beautiful necklace is embellished with emerald beads that match the Pantone called Eden. The green definitely brings out the sophistication of the piece and blends really well with the antique Tibetan Silver.

Crème de Peche – Pink Mother of Pearl

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 005

The Pink tone definitely complements the warmth of the tone itself by blending in smoothly. This certain tone maintains a beautiful balance.

BlueStone – Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 006

The beautiful shade of blue is a very graceful yet strikingly sophisticated tone that easily complements the darker shade of blue of the sapphire.

Chili Pepper – Ruby / Rocky Road – Smoky Quartz

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 007
Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 008
Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 009

The deep brown-red of the tone Rocky road exudes a bold yet unpretentious feel. The tone Chili Pepper, on the other hand, screams confidence. This tone is mostly found in rubies.

Fruit Dove – Rhodolite / Peach Pink – Pink Coral

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 010
Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 011

Fruit Dove is a classic embodiment of feminism and delicacy. The perfect mix of soft undertones complements the gracefulness of the tone. Peach Pink is a color that radiates optimism. Whether its spring or summer, this color would go amazingly well with other bright pieces.

Orange Tiger– Amber / Sugar Almond – African Garnet

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 012
Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 013

Orange Tiger is quite a bright tone that can work perfectly on any fine spring day but won’t hold back to make a statement at night as well. It’s a color with a subtle complexity to it. Sugar Almond falls is a blend of neutral and earthy tones. This tone blends in perfectly well with loud and soft tones. It’s a go-to tone for women who like to add a bit of chic to their look.

Dark Chedder – CZ-Champagne

Top 12 Jewel Pantone for Autumn 014

This warm earthy tone is one of the most exciting and vibrant tones to come out for Fall/Winter 2019. This tone is the perfect example of ‘less is more’ It’s a statement color women can’t resist experimenting with.

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