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Marcasite & Silver Jewelry Wholesale in Thailand

Silver Jewelry Wholesale Since 1971, Thousands of jewelers worldwide turn to Hong Factory for Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Our facilities encompass the full cycle of the silver jewelry manufacture process. It includes design, prototype, molding, casting, welding, oxidizing, polishing, stone cutting and stone setting.

Hong Factory is family with a passion for beautiful jewelry and building long lasting relationships. With the wealth of knowledge acquired through centuries, we have the distinct reputation for the world finest artisans. Combing sophisticated manufacturing process and age-old crafting tradition is the hallmark of our exquisite manufacturing.

With over 500 employees on board, we are the global leader in Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Our talented designers have created variety designs to suit worldwide culture, as well as the changing trend in the world fashion.

Our marcasite jewelry has been delicately designed and crafted from only the finest materials. Our wide array of product ranges from marcasite ring, marcasite earring, marcasite bracelet, marcasite watch, and more. You can explore our Marcasite Jewelry collection over 8,000 designs. All at unbeatable low prices every day.


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