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Marcasite Pendant

Our marcasite pendants promise to add drama to your jewelry wholesale collection. Hong Factory’s new arrivals are, by far, the most updated jewelry pieces added on a weekly basis. Designs have been inspired from various fields of art, world culture, the architectural and design aesthetics from the past to the modernization. Retaining the intricacy whilst innovating and exploring with the new elements.

We present a wide range of marcasite pendant themes like filigree, geometrical, classic, vintage, animals, love & friendship, flowers & nature, and more. wholesale jewelry, All designs can be set in your choice of precious and semi-precious or lab-created gemstones. Come around any season, occasion or festival and you will find a perfect design that either suits the occasion and matches your style. Give your clients the best products and allow them to make a statement with the quality and aesthetics that we provide. With over 1,500 designs of marcasite pendant, we have successfully served wholesale jewelers over 60 countries. These products are not just affordable, they also come with quality craftsmanship and varieties for ultimate shopping experience for you and your clients. To create the magnificent jewelry set, you have many eye-catching options to choose from: marcasite earring, marcasite bangle and more. Our pendants can also be designed to originate your private-label jewelry collection. At, you can expect the best custom wholesale jewelry to fit any order size and the best craftsmanship backed by 48 years of experience.

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