CZ Jewelry Manufacturer

Why choose us as your trusted CZ jewelry Hong Factory has been consistently offering exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful cubic zirconia customized collection to our customers for the past 48 years. With a clientele base that spreads across 60 countries, Hong Factory has left a mark all over the world due to our quality and unique designs. Wholesalers find our reputable company to be the best source for ODM & OEM manufacturing due to our trustworthy and quality commitment along with the reasonable price charged. 

A cubic zirconia is a great way to get the sparkling look of a diamond and sold at a fraction of the cost. This beautiful stone has become a legendary in everything from fashion jewelry to global brand rings and bracelets. Crafted with zirconium oxide in cubic form, cubic zirconia jewelry, also known as CZ, is the most popular diamond alternative because of its dazzling appearance and realistic, diamond-like shine. CZ is a timeless material for all types of jewelry that continues to improve with technological developments.

Paying a high price for a diamond can break your bank and unjustified when there are diamond alternatives that can look and feel like the real diamond.  The principle of our wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry collection is designed and manufactured to be indistinguishable from very expensive diamond and platinum jewelry to the untrained eye with a remarkably smaller price tag. We offer ODM & ODM manufacturing of CZ jewelry collection, ranging from wholesale cubic zirconia rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Our vast portfolio of customized beautifully-designed, wholesale jewelry, fast-selling cubic zirconia styles have proven to be successful for our customer’s product line overall.

We are able to offer cubic zirconia stones from A to AAAAA rating and the finest premium quality. There’s a difference in the look and the price points between the lowest and highest grade, and there’s a market for them all. Like in diamonds, cut, clarity, and color affect the grade of cubic zirconia. The AAA rating is the most popular grade for high-quality fashion jewelry. An AAA-rated CZ stone will surpass a lower grade piece in symmetry, luster, and shine. When you buy an AAA-rated cubic zirconia, you can feel confident that your jewelry will shine for years to come. CZ comes in colorless and numerous colored varieties and we can create distinctive designs with sparkling CZ stones in an endless array of colours, shapes and sizes to match every customer’s vision.  

Our aim is to bring together timeless jewelry that’s meticulously crafted with the combination of age-old mystique and elegant modern touches, to provide a comprehensive collection that’s affordable while high on quality matching all the needs of the women. Hong Factory, where it is believed that with the blend  of value and craftsmanship, one can make the ideal bit of adornments. Our craving to share the delight and be there for the majority of life’s special events is the thing that separates us and makes us something beyond expectation. 

So, don’t take our word for it, come in and let us help you.


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