A quality wholesale silver pendant range can truly glam up your entire jewellery store. After all, a pendant is hands-down one of the most versatile form of jewellery there is. By attaching them to different types of chains, your customers can achieve the ultimate chic as well as sophisticated look.

Here at Hongs Factory, we don’t just deliver a wholesale silver pendant range. Instead, we provide a style statement with each piece of the pendant. Our expert craftsmen have intricately designed our pendants. We have more than 48 years of experience in jewellery making that has allowed us to understand the demands of the market. Therefore, our craftsmen have managed to create pendants that are trendy, beautiful and versatile.

Some of our pendants have made it to our best seller list. Check them out to see what the masses are loving. Offer your customers the chance to choose from over 1000 designs. They are bound to appreciate such a plethora of choice. wholesale jewelry, Each of these designs is unique in the craft as well as their theme. They have been made from the best material to ensure enduring value and timeless appeal of the breathtakingly beautiful pendants.

Our wholesale pendant collection is available at a competitive price so that you can easily cover the cost of your store while offering affordable jewellery to your customers. When you match our pendants to our other product categories, ranging from wholesale silver earrings to rings, you will be able to sell a complete look to your customer rather than a piece of jewellery.

Put your trust in our expertise and reputation. Get the best wholesale silver pendant range in Thailand from Hong Factory and watch as your customers purchase jewellery after jewellery from your shop. Our collection covers from flower and nature pendant, heart and love pendants, art deco and antique pendant, boho and retro pendant, vintage filigree pendant, animal and marine pendant, stylish and modern style, this is just to name a few.

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