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Wholesale Brooch

Discover our wide range of ‘best seller’ wholesale brooches at factory prices. Add the chic and regal touch that can sparkle any outfit – regardless of the occasion. At Hong Factory, the collection of brooches range in sizes, color and style. Here, you can find versatile pieces of jewelry that can be used on clothing, hats, scarves, wholesale jewelry, and even hair.

Wholesale Brooch Deatail

Our classic accessory pieces are made from high-quality sterling silver. Each features a unique design from flower brooches, spiritual & religious, Art-deco & Victorian, to symbols and even animals/peacocks. They are embellished with different hues of gemstones to give your customer abundance of options. From the traditionally styled wholesale bangle , watch , jewelry set and wholesale jewelry to glamorous stylish brooch, our designs are exquisite and we guarantee that they are of the top-notch quality and at the most affordable price. 

Our wholesale brooch

Inventory is updated frequently throughout the year while we also offer discounts on last season’s items that can prove to be a huge bargain deal for you. To avail these offers and a chance to grab the newest style that we stock – make sure you visit our website often. You’re also welcome to personalize your private-label jewelry with us for a low minimum order.

What was once coveted as a classic accessory for its function of keeping clothes secured together – the brooches have come a long way and are today, regarded as a piece for adornment. Our excellent craftsmanship, eye to detail, and quality control check at each stage of development ensures that the pieces delivered to you are of the heirloom quality and offer a lifetime treasure.

Hong Factory has been operational since 48 years and is a leading wholesale provider of jewelry items in over 60 countries. We have a satisfied customer base that keeps coming back to us for the customer service and high-quality products that we deliver. We can help escalate your business too. Simply pick a few designs from our best seller brooches to start our long-term commerce journey together.

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