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Marcasite Jewelry Manufacturer

With the passion for breathing new life into antique designs, Hong Factory has evolved into more than just a marcasite jewelry manufacturer.  Hong factory is about providing our customers with a luxurious experience for unique and one-of-a-kind contemporary and timeless designs. Our wholesale marcasite jewelry collection focuses on crafting your experience with exquisiteness and diversity and all at most affordable price. With over 8000 designs, wholesale jewelry, we want our customers and clients to take advantage of the diversity of the collection and our advanced customization for creative and personalized private-label collection.

With over 48 years of experience in wholesale jewelry manufacturing, we believe working in an equipped and professional facility is the first step in ensuring quality. With cutting-edge technology being used to produce this collection, we take pride in manufacturing jewelry with 0% defect. Our facility is equipped to carry out all processes of designing, casting, filing, molding, stone-cutting and stone-setting and polishing. We’re a one stop solution to cater all your silver jewelry needs. With over 2,000,000 pieces manufactured yearly, our collection is an embodiment of our integrity and grace.

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With the brilliant craftsmanship we’ve incorporated in every single piece of our collection, our consistency in quality and elegance is apparent. Our creative and highly skilled artisans are extremely precise with their cuts and patterns. Their eye for detail ensures that each of our piece is up to par with the quality we have strived to maintain for the past 48 years. All of Hong Factory’s elements have allowed us to showcase some of the best wholesale marcasite collection available in the market. You will find a range of elegant and timeless designs, perfect for every occasion.

Our collection is made of 925 Sterling Silver

several Swiss marcasite natural gemstones. Each private-label jewelry can accompany with a card displaying the Swarovski brand for authenticity. Our marcasite collection covers everything that falls under jewelry. From marcasite rings, necklaces and bracelets, to marcasite pendants and charms. Our goals to produce timeless jewelry lead us to create an everlasting marcasite watch collection loved by both, men and women. There is something for everyone, as long as you want a piece that is distinctive and excellence. At Hong Factory, we ensure that all our pieces are a perfect blend of contemporary and delicacy.

So, don’t take our word for it, come in and let us help you.

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