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Wholesale Pendant

Your search for the best wholesale pendant supplier ends with us at Hong Factory. With over 48 years of being in business, we are proud to announce that we are a leading company when it comes to wholesale jewelry in Thailand. Our selection of high-quality pendants is available in different sizes and styles. wholesale jewelry, Made from sterling silver, each and every pendant crafted by the expert team at Hong Factory carries unique features and timeless appeal.

Wholesale Pendant Detail

Here you can find pendants that illustrate different motifs, flowers, animals, birds, symbols, and lots more. They are embellished with varying color gems and stones so the customer can match them according to their attire – or even their mood. With eye for detail and quality control checking at every step of production, our aesthetically appealing designer pendants are statement pieces that are preferred by customers spanning in over 60 countries.

Necklaces and pendants serve as the details of any outfit. They complete the overall look of the attire by adding just the right amount of sparkle. Adding them to a dull outfit can brighten it up and even improve your confidence. You can also choose to mix and match our wholesale pendants with the collection of wholesale brooch , bangle , watch and jewelry set available on our store. The ‘gift sets’ are not only a convenient buy for the customer but also make great presents. 

Besides using them for necklace

Customers can use the assortment of wholesale pendants as decorative accessories for brooch, key chains, and danglers for bracelets. Whether you are just starting your business or already running a successful venture – we offer the latest and trendy accessories along with unbeatable prices and fast delivery. We can help your business grow and guarantee that you will be satisfied with not only our product and its artistry but also our effective buyer service.

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