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Marcasite Brooch

Marcasite Brooche are springing their way back into fashion. A fine brooch is an easy way to personalize your look. With our large wholesale collection in varieties of sizes and shapes to choose from. Pin one on your sweater to brighten up your look, add one to your coat for a luxurious touch, or even wear one on your headscarf to keep it in place and to add a flash of sparkle to your face. It is the perfect jewelry pieces to get on board with.

We may draw our inspiration from either the bygone eras or the contemporary versions of designs. Hong Factory’s Marcasite Brooch collection is inspired by beautiful nature, ancient artwork, architectural influence and delicate feminine aesthetic. Our wholesale brooch include antique Victorian brooches, wholesale jewelry, dazzling peacock brooches, classic geometry designs and many distinct shape hand-cut stone brooches. Whatever you may need, however complex or intricate the design, we have the distinctive design and workmanship to attend to you specially and give you exactly what you want. We also provide over 100 kinds of gemstone from the quality global gem sourcing. There are unlimited color gemstone varieties from precious stones and semi-precious stones to lab-created to suit your budget range. If what you can dream of is not available, you can have it made for you with the best attention to detail which we offer in providing products that are very specific to your taste. Our wholesale brooches make for an elegant stock and you can order any sizes of our marcasite brooches at affordable prices to fit any trend or color as you want. This online jewelry store is here to make your store a stock of quality and elegance and we are always available to cater to your needs at any time. Our aim is to give you all you need at every visit, at the most affordable prices too.

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