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Wholesale Jewelry Set

Our best seller wholesale jewelry set collections embodies the distinctive designs, creativity, craftsman ingenuity and jewelry expertise of the old age tradition. Discover wide selection of themes from timeless & classic, love & friendship, wholesale jewelry, flower & nature, spiritual & religious, animals & marine, geometrical to stylish & modern, and more. With over 100 gemstones to choose from and endless combination to create.

Wholesale Jewelry Set Detail

We have successfully serviced happy jewelry wholesalers all over the world with our silver and marcasite jewelry collection or the custom jewelry product for their brand. At Hong Factory, we serve our customers with unsurpassed service and quality designs. For over 48 years, we have been offering the most remarkable collection of wholesale jewelry set in Thailand. With our perfectly crafted silver jewelry and assorted range of ornaments, customers can choose to wear it for exclusive events to daily wear.

Being a reputable jewelry manufacturer for private labelling

We offer a wide range of silver jewelry products. You can explore anything from wholesale jewelry , ring , earring , bracelet and hair clip and more. Behind each of the artistic crafts lies a scrupulous attention to details which bestows each of our jewelry with a unique value. Hong Factory also boasts about being the top-notch choice among its competitors for designing pieces for heirloom quality and to celebrate the special events of your life i.e. wedding, anniversaries and family additions. 

Jewelry Blog

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