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Marcasite Earring

Explore our new release marcasite earring which is launched on a weekly basis. Our new collection attracts attention and interest of the thousand jewellers who are looking for the stunning designs and impeccable quality. At Hong Factory, find eye-catching marcasite earring in a variety of styles and designs. Discover unique oversized marcasite hoop earring, dazzling marcasite stud earring, tiered marcasite drop earrings, sets and more.

Our talented designers are dedicated to provide you with fresh new designs every week to ensure you stay on top of the fashion trends. wholesale jewelry, Not only do our designs speak of exclusive, we extend our expertise and service beyond the simple process. We engrave, customize and create the signature pieces to showcase your brand identity. With, we always manifest innovation and new ideas onto jewelry designs. In whatever shape or size, we can give you the best of all at the best prices that will give your clients and yourself an unforgettable shopping experience. We have just the things you are searching for. We will not disappoint you and our products are manufactured and quality checked by skilled staff with decades worth of expertise. Our marcasite jewelry serves to boost your marcasite jewelry business and give you all the support required to turn you into the optimal jewelry shopping destiny of the year. There are a whole variety of earring backs that you can choose from to suit your customer style. All common types of earring back are offered, such as Push Backs (Posts), French Clip (Omega), Screw Backs, Hinged Hoop, Leverback, or Latch Back. Visit and see for yourself. We promise that it will be a rewarding experience for you.

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