Gold Plating Manufacturer

Not every gold plating manufacturer make the excellent qaulity. Here at Hong Factory, we are gold plating specialists and are able to offer variety of plating, from rhodium plating, silver plating from 0.5-15 microns, gold plating from 0.5-10 microns in thickness, and pink-gold plating. You can choose from two-tone or three-tone plating for a variety of jewelry. We offer a variety of textures for jewellery items such as satinised finish, highly polished finish or matt finish.

Hong Factory is a reputable and trusted silver jewellery manufacturer. Despite operating from Thailand, our jewellery has been spread across over 60 countries, owing to our growing customer base. Ever since our inception 45 years ago, we have strived to maintain quality, consistency and excellence in all of our products. Our diverse range of portfolio, which includes everything from silver rings to necklaces is the haven for most wholesalers. Among the growing competition, our company managed to stay strong and shine in our way. And that too at a reasonable price.

Our collection of gold plated sterling silver jewelry is perfect for people who want that real gold look at a sterling silver price. With over 8000 stylish and elegant products available including rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, charms, necklaces and bracelets, you can’t go wrong. All of our gold plated jewelry is nickel free and making it hypoallergenic. Our existing gold plated jewelry collection has variety of styles, from vintage, classic, everyday minimalist, wholesale jewelry, to sophisticated chic and statement making designs.

If you however want to order the private label collection, we take special care to design pieces that satisfy all needs of your customer, whether they pertain to functionality or aesthetics. In the past 45 years of our manufacturing, we have offered custom made, intricately designed gold-plating jewelry to our clients and have proved to be fast-selling items. We indulge in comprehensive communication with you to understand your needs. Our skilled artisans then use their expertise to craft pieces accordingly. Regardless of which type of jewellery you buy from us; our offering will exhilarate your final customers.

So, don’t take our word for it, come in and let us help you.


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