Wholesale Silver Watches

Our wholesale silver watch collection is the perfect embodiment of grace and class. Whether you’re a man or a woman, Hong Factory has the perfect watch collection for you to drool over. With over 400 different designs, every single watch is meant to express your originality and style. It’s the perfect embellishment to complete your whole look. From casual and subtly intricate watches to strikingly sophisticated ones, our collection aims to cover every kind of occasion and personality.

Our magnificent timepieces have subtly transcended to being a piece of dazzling jewelry and making a statement syle. Every watch features 925 sterling silver case and decorated with fine delicate gemstones and equipped with a high-grade Citizen Japanese quartz movement with scratch resistant crystal glass. We take pride in crafting our wholesale silver watch collection with exceptional quality and timeless appeal. While every single watch is crafted with intricate craftsmanship and fine quality material, all of them are accessible to our customers at the most affordable prices. Top off year look with coordinating wholesale silver necklace & bracelet

Being a four decades wholesale jewelry supplier, Hong Factory is your one-stop solution to all your jewelry needs. To offer more personalized experiences, we provide customized services and new design development as well. wholesale jewelry, Our dedication and expertise will consistently make sure to provide every business partner the excellent customer care. With our extensive experience in taking care of customers globally in around 60 countries, you can truly rely on our proficiency and we have flexibility to meet every single requirement of the customers without compromising.

At Hong Factory, we combine the Japanese watchmaking technology with the jewelry crafting tradition and turn them into the precise and exquisite timepieces. Our consistency, quality and elegance is apparent with 48 years of our service. Whether it’s a gift to someone you love, a token of appreciation or a special event, our wholesale silver watch collection is the perfect adornment to flaunt. Timeless fashion is for everyone, and at Hong Factory, everyone can afford the timeless elegant timepieces.

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