With 48 year of experience as Jewelry Manufacturer, Hong Factory has been providing “custom jewelry manufacturer” or OEM of all kinds of jewelry from high value jewelry and masterpiece one-of-a-kind items to everyday silver jewelry setting. Our factory, with 500 employees, are based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We particularly specialize in Sterling Silver with cubic zirconia(CZ), plain silver, and marcasite jewelry. With all kinds of silver finishing from Rhodium plating finish and Oxidized Finish. Visit us today at the upcoming international jewelry fair around the world.

Silver Jewelry with swarovski Silver Jewelry with cubic zirconia cz

Silver Jewelry with MarcasiteWe support our clients over 60 countries worldwide and over 1000 names to custom design their private-label jewelry collection. We help our clients distinguish their product from the market and emphasis on the brand identity. The custom designs are created to individually reflect the latest jewelry trends in different parts of the world and the regional customer fashion taste or culture-driven.

We strive to meet and exceed customer expectation. We are dedicated to deliver Excellent Quality, On-Time Delivery and Meet your budget range you feel comfortable with. Using the industry’s top craftspeople including designers, model makers, jewelers, setters, we intricately create an exquisite “one of a kind jewelry”.


silver jewelry fashion

Our simple process aims to get our client requirements into the piece of art. Our success lies in the ongoing communication with customer and our expertise as jewelry manufacturer in giving scrupulous attention to all aspects. Consideration has to be placed on a wide variety of concerns, ranging from the user desire, jewelry making boundary, the design element, the characteristic of gemstones, jewelry styling to the cost of materials.


When designing custom jewelry, it all begins with a spark of imagination.  We begin the process with a meeting in which we will get every details of your imagination or requirements specification and establish our goals and budget.  Our dedicated designing team can easily transform your simple napkin sketches into a detailed hand illustration.


While working with Hong Factory, you are given a detailed hand drawing of your custom jewelry. We provide a couple of design options and suggestions,  wholesale jewelry, After listening to your comments, adjustments can be made until we reach the perfect design.

jewelry designer


Hong Factory uses the most advance, state of the art computer design software. Our jewelry artist hand builds your custom jewelry piece by piece into a 3D modeling program for review and approval.  During your design meeting, you are able to view the jewelry from every angle, change the color gemstones and even make small adjustments right before your eyes. With our detailed computer renderings you can rest assured that your designs will look exactly how you envisioned.

CAD design jewelry


After the design is finalized, your wax model for your custom-designed ring will either be hand carved or made by a computer-aided wax-making machine or the combination of both.   The computer file of the 3D model is transferred to a milling machine to cut out a wax model or a 3D printer will grow an exact replica of the jewelry. For the delicated detail jewelry with more dimensional and with vintage-inspired elements i.e. milgrain details, filigree or scrollwork patterns and intricate galleries, our designer will incorporate the traditional hand carved wax technique to produce all the intricate details in which the advance technology cannot replicate.

wax Product Process


At this time, the customer can take one last look at the wax model before the casting process.  The wax replica review must be handled carefully.  Every opening and all prongs of the gemstones and milgrain are created. Even small engraving is visible on the wax model.

wax Product Process

Tips for Finding Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Finding a reputable jewelry manufacturer for private labeling is very important. You need to trust your manufacturer to develop quality products and deliver them on timely basis to your customer. When searching for a manufacturer, you’ll want to:

• Request a product sample to verify quality
• Consider the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and all the term and condition before placing order
• The production lead time
• Total manufacturing costs and whether there are any hidden fees
• How they handle product defects and damaged goods
• Start with a few designs to observe their service and expertise
• Visit your jewelry manufacturer’s facilities

Please find out Hong Factory’s Term and Condition for your consideration. If you would like to see the jewelry making process in person, you are cordially invited to visit our production facilities in the heart of Bangkok city, Thailand. There you can watch our artists creating works of art in person, while viewing their finished works in our adjoining showroom. Let build beautiful business together, give us a trial and you will see why over hundred jewelers choose us for their jewelry manufacturer. With Hong Factory, we aim to deliver customer satisfaction with worry-free at all procedure.


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