Our wholesale silver charm jewelry collection is made up of unparalleled designs and exquisite craftsmanship. With large variety of themes ranging from nature and flower, love and heart-inspired, animal lovers, classic and vintage style, to whimsical colorful gemstones, and more, your customer will find our collection are distinctive and add excitement to your wholesale jewelry stores.


Manufactured with 925 sterling silver metal and finest raw materials, all the charms are provided with intricate details and bound to turn head. Whether your customers are looking to buy one to create a unique story collection or for a special gift for any festive or occasions, you will find designs that cater to all. Our collection of wholesale charm can add a specific glamour and flair to your jewelry store.

We have gained a global standing as one of the finest wholesale silver jewelry suppliers in the past 48 years. Our expertise and impeccable craftsmanship speak for itself. wholesale jewelry, Our passion is to deliver only the excellent quality at the most affordable price are the foundation of our business growth. Each and every piece is crafted by the world class artisans with decades of experience. Our of marcasite charm will get updated every week to indulge your customer with something fresh and new and elevate their fashion statement to the next level.

We customize endlessly enchanting jewelry for our customers. Our talented designers are highly competent who make sure that your specific requirements are met and always turn your imaginative idea into a practical but distinctive creation. Our charm can be customized into various kinds of base metal and plating and set with over 100 kinds of gemstones that are ready in our stock. At Hong Factory, you can entrust with unparalleled service and a total customer commitment in crafting a lifelong beautiful business partnership together.

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