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Being a Partner of Swarovski Jewelry is Making a Difference

There is not much to say about Swarovski jewelry; unless you spent your life inside Tupperware, you know their reputation. This brand was founded in 1895 in Austria and with its current 35,000 employees is one of the biggest jewelry companies in the world. Hong Factory has been working with them to make the amazing astonishing. Read on and find out why it makes such a difference.

The “Made with Swarovski Marcasite” Tag

The Hong Factory is a proud partner of Swarovski marcasite and you will very likely find the tag in any of the pieces you like the most. But what does it really mean to be able to partner with one of the world’s most important jewelry brands? Well, it means that Hong Factory is at Swarovski jewelry standards. Swarovski jewelry does not partner with any brand just because it gets a proposal; they get hundreds of thousands yearly. When you find the tag in one of the pieces you like, it means that you are looking at a piece that is up to the highest world standards.

Marcasite is a stone that can get to a natural sparkle bright and luster hard to match by any other material. Swarovski is responsible for creating some of the highest quality marcasite stones you can find in the market. These same stones are a part of the carefully crafted collections you can find at the Hong Factory website or even design along with the company´s expert craftsmen. The quality of the raw material and the manufacturing process are both up to the highest world standards. Swarovski jewelry has always been a synonym for “the best you can buy” and will continue to be so for a long time.


The backing name of Swarovski jewelry is an honor for Hong Factory. wholesale jewelry, It is also the result of years of hard work and successful results. The good news is that the combined leverage of both companies can be enjoyed by customers. Those who buy marcasite jewelry with the tag saying Swarovski marcasite will get not only a superior stone, but also a more valuable one. Enjoy the polished brightness of truly world-class marcasite with Hong Factory and Swarovski working together. Being chosen by Swarovski to be the partners is to be recognized as a world-class manufacturer by the industry´s elite.