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Antique Jewelry

How to Wear Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Jewelry Style Tips How to Wear Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Have you been having trouble with How to Wear Vintage and Antique Jewelry are a current trend in fashion and whimsical way to accessorize. While some of us are wondering how to get in on this retro craze, others may think the vintage and antique jewelry are reserved for grandma’s wardrobe. When you hear the words vintage and antique, the major thing that comes to mind is ‘old’. Vintage jewelry represents pieces which are about 20-30 years old and antique jewelry describes jewelry about 100 years or older. Startling reveal right? Now, you may wonder what could be appealing about such old jewelry. The answer is Timeless Elegance!

The queen won’t look like a queen if all she wore was costume jewelry from contemporary designers. Today, every classy or sophisticated lady must own a solid collection of vintage and antique jewelry and learn to wear them elegantly. The vintage and antique jewelry are often worn by the Royal Family, famous celebrities and superstars, most influential women of the world. To help you embrace this trend here is our guide on how to wear vintage and antique jewelry.

1. Always think simple

Don’t wear it all at once and don’t wear it with busy clothing! Vintage jewelry and its counterpart thrive in simplicity. They add your desired touch of elegance to any outfit. A simple pendant can be all you need to show off the classy lady in you.

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2. A classic brooch go-to

A brooch is the most versatile fashion item anyone can have. You can pin it anywhere from your hair to a scarf or dress and get away with looking stylish yet sophisticated. Invest in a vintage or antique brooch of unique design.

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3. Complement pieces with clothing

Wearing jewelry and clothing style from the same decade can be the safest way to accessorize. Ensure that you unleash your personal style when making this match. By all means, avoid overdoing it by going for a dress that seems out of place. Remember the aim is to find vintage jewelry and clothing that blend perfectly into this era but stand you out as a lady.

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4. Make it loud

Don’t be shy to invest in a classic. This should be a timeless piece with quality craftsmanship and hard to ignore at an event. Check for elaborate neckpieces that shine or pearls that stun with their arrangement, diamond studs, and much more.

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5. Vintage for your everyday look

You have probably been thinking up to this point your antique jewelry is suitable for only special occasions. Nope, they can do better! Incorporate vintage and antique pieces into your everyday look to be a part of this trend. Layer vintage rings, vintage brooches, vintage bracelet and vintage necklace and so on. Use your personal style to make them work with your everyday clothing.

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Explore our timeless vintage jewelry pieces which were originally created for 30-40 years ago. Today we keep reproducing the same designs with more refined details. With quality craftsmanship, intricate milgrain details, hand selected gemstones, they will surely offer elegant, timeless and one-of-a-kind touch to your look. No matter what decade or style you are looking for, Hong Factory’s vintage jewelry collection is loaded with options. Click here to browse all our best-selling vintage items.

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