Best Pendant Necklaces

Best Pendant Necklaces

Top 35 Best Pendant Necklaces

Layering pendant necklace is the hot trend for 2019, let’s discover Best Pendant Necklaces to pile on your neckline for an effortless way to polish up your look. Among the different types of necklaces, pendant necklaces are one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery. They make the perfect gift, regardless of the occasion. They elevate the look of any outfit. The beauty of our pendant necklaces lies in the intricacy of the design. Whether the bold designs express the fashion statement you have or the minimalism speaks your style, our artisans understand this and know how to make their art stand out.They have an eye for detail required to create intricate patterns in the silver pendant. Patterns that allow the jewellery to be used for a variety of occasions. Here are top 35 best pendant necklace for a woman to create a happy and vibrant look.

Silver Marcasite Pendant

You can’t go wrong with a silver pendant. It goes well with every attire and occasion. This is why silver marcasite pendants have always been in huge demand. At Hong Factory, you will find all kinds of silver pendants. Regardless of which design, size, texture and pattern you want, we have a range that covers it all. Our pendants are perfect for any customer base and occasion.

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Vintage Pendant

A lot of people like living in the past. Considering how beautiful the fashion of the olden days was, this comes as no surprise. Marcasite vintage pendants are not just beautiful but also unique when it comes to design. This elevates their charm, even more, making them a favourite of many. A lot of people seek vintage pendants. Our artisans have the expertise and skills required to craft authentic vintage pendants for your customers.

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Silver Heart Pendant

Trends come and go. But, heart pendants have managed to remain a constant favourite of the masses for decades. It is one piece of jewellery every woman can wear, regardless of their age. It also makes for an excellent Valentine’s day gift as well as an anniversary present for your significant other. Here, at Hong Factory, you will find silver heart pendants in different sizes, patterns, textures and colours. The need to express love never dies. So, you can expect people to purchase this marcasite pendant for years to come. With us, your shop can always have a fresh new update stock with the modern twist on the classic heart.

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Silver Cross Pendant

Displaying one’s religious faith doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t simultaneously be a trendsetter. Our Silver Cross pendants combine crucifixes with modern day fashion by delivering elaborate designs. Our artisans have managed to create beautiful cross pendants, some of which are embellished in sparkly stones and crystals to give them an oomph factor. Others are adorned in gemstone to ensure their uniqueness in the market. Each of our cross pendants is made from durable and quality material, thereby guaranteeing that its sparkle doesn’t dim upon usage. Considering that it makes for an excellent gift for the holidays, this is one item you shop needs due to its timeless demand.

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Filigree Pendant

A lot of people have an eye for detail. They wish for intricately beautiful things in life. Our Filigree Pendant collection is a one of a kind collection meant solely for such people. Build a reputation for your expertise and skills by stocking our marcasite filigree pendants. Our artisans use extreme precision to tie the various beads, silver metal and threads together to form a sophisticated filigree pendant.

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Flower Pendant

Our collection of flower pendants is bound to wow your customers and ensure a steady stream of income for you. These delicate pendants are handmade to perfection. Each petal is made with extreme precision to mimic a real flower-like look. Our flower pendants ooze of femininity and sophistication. This makes it a popular choice among young females. Even though a marcasite flower pendant looks quite simple, the detailed work required makes it a complex project that masterful artisans are able to execute flawlessly.

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Geometric Pendant

Geometric shaped pendants are the trendy accessory a lot of people are opting for. It is essential to keep up with the changing trends of fashion. Offer your customers our beautiful range of marcasite geometric shaped pendants. Whether it be for casual wear or a formal look, these pendants never disappoint. Our creative artisans have unleashed their knowledge of patterns that work together to create pendants that are nothing short of abstract art.

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Gemstone Pendant

Everyone wishes to look at sophisticated informal occasions. A gemstone pendant is perfect for such times. It doesn’t matter how simple or extravagant your look is, a gemstone pendant elevates it to another level, regardless. We offer marcasite gemstone pendants in a wide variety of designs, patterns, sizes and colours. Whether your customers want a subtle, delicate piece or a bold, extravagant one. We offer it all. You can find a diverse range of stones here. Be it ruby, sapphire, or emerald; our artisans make use of them all to create breathtakingly beautiful pieces.

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