5 Things to know about Hong factory

Hong factory is one of the best silver jewelry suppliers in Bangkok, servicing locally as well internationally. The company has been in standing for more than 30 years. It has a large workforce that can be trusted with all the hard work on its superior jewelry designs. It has the makeup of a leading company that provides its customers with high-quality silver jewelry designs. The manufacturers bring ideas to life by launching new jewelry every other day.

Their collection of silver designs is to die for! It won’t disappoint with its quality and is the most reliable source of buying jewelry from an international company. If you’ve never heard of it before then search it up now and have an edge over all of your friends! This may be the time to have the best silver jewelry collection compared to your friends and family. The company caters to international customers on a high-priority basis, providing them with top-notch servicing.

Do keep Bangkok on your wish list whenever you visit Thailand. It’s the capital of Thailand and is the most bustling city of all. Touring the country and not visiting Bangkok will surely make you miss out on a lot.
We’ve gathered some of the topmost defined facts about the Hong factory, these will help you understand the manufacturing factory more!

5 Things to Know about Hong factory

Hong factory

How did it start

The company first started in the year 1971 in a place structured as a small estate. It was located somewhere over Charoenkrung Rd, present in Bangkok. This is also where they still operate their business in a nearby place today. It was established by a recently married couple with jewelry craftsman Tuanghong and his wife Ingon. With a husband as a jewelry craftsman and a wife as a gemologist, the couple was passionate about manufacturing jewelry. With this kind of detailed background and experience, along with their determination, it’s no wonder the company soared.

Hong factory

How did they go about it?

Living in the same establishment where they work, the couple organized their business with immaculate precision. As the business continued to grow, the workload began to mount making it impossible for two individuals to manage. The couple hired many different top-class jewelers to ease off the load. For the next decade, the establishment went from a small business venture to a large paramount jewelry company. Orders continued to pile up and the Hong couple, as well as the company jewelers, pulled all their attention to another project. Making marcasite jewelry with exquisite designs and high-class quality became their top priority.

Of course, the pooling number of demands from international customers took up their time as well. Their flourishing company with marvelous pieces of silver jewelry needed space and air to get out into the real world. To do justice to their work, the company eventually built a bigger facility to exhibit their incredible designs on the jewelry production facility.

Growth status of the company

The Factory has gone through multiple changes and growth since the building of the manufacturing facility. Despite undergoing such changes, the company still has a lot of respect for its history. This can be seen in many of its best-seller jewelry designs in the market. However, the company still needed to make a lot of adjustments to adhere to the caliber of the modern world. Their team of expert jewelers has a shop dedicated to handmade jewelry where they manufacture impeccable designs for jewelry.

These jewelers work alongside modern jewelry experts working with technology such as CAD to make jewelry designs. The company has a great management team along with expert designers and jewelers. They surround Mr. Hong, who’s still active in the company, forming a reliable and trustworthy tight-knit family.

Hong factory

Now that you’ve learned all about the Hong factory, there are certain facts you should be aware of in case you travel to Bangkok. Always do your research before traveling. Bangkok is a very popular city for tourism which may lead to a different treatment for tourists than the locals. This includes buying something more expensive such as jewelry than it is. There is a vast difference between the tourist price and the local price. So do thorough research on where to go shopping. There is a separate touristy area where things are sold at a more expensive rate.

Don’t lose too much money if you can help it. Being overcharged while traveling in a taxi is the easiest way to spend all your money in one go. The trick is to notice whether your taxi driver has the meter on so that you can be charged accordingly. There is a standard where you have to ride in a taxi with a meter that starts with 35 THB .i.e $1. If your driver doesn’t have the meter on, he can overcharge your travel without you even knowing about it.

The best part about this chaotic city is its convenient transportation system. Figure out a way to travel by train or ask some local to guide you through the process. This way you can travel the whole city with ease without worrying about spending too much money. You can even visit your favorite jewelry stores without any hassle!

Final verdict:

Hong Factory is one of the most superior jewelry businesses in Bangkok. If you’re a beginner jewelry collector then Hong factory will be the best supplier for you. The company has worldwide demand which proves its credibility. Stock up on all the facts you can fathom about the Hong factory so that you know what you’re investing in!

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