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How to wear a brooch

How to wear a brooch in 12 stylish ways

Jewelry tips : How to wear a brooch in 12 stylish ways

Our guide on How to wear a brooch in 12 stylish ways can really make your versatile jewelry pieces enhance overall look and make bold statement to your personality. The brooch is a fun piece of jewelry that has been worn by many fashion icons in time past. It has slowly dwindled as time went on, with many people remembering it as being a boring piece of jewelry for by the breast for the old.

But the brooch is back, and many celebrities are trotting the red carpet and showing us just how stylish and fun the wearing a brooch can be. Looking for new ways in jewelry style? Take a lot at their 12 unique and stylish ways on how to wear a brooch.

1. Accentuate the waist

You can wear a brooch on the waistline, if your dress creates a waistline or belt around the waist. Iconic stars like Kyra Sedgwick are using a brooch on their waistline to make that part of the body pop even more. It brightens even a casual or masculine twist of an outfit and brings to light a flowing dress on the red carpet.

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2. Put a twist to the back

There is nothing sexier that popping in just a little icing on the cake when they thought they have seen it all. This is what placing your brooch at the neckline of a low plunge dress, does to your fashion sense. It is completely creative and surprising and it takes out a “wow” every once in a while. This is better put, on the neckband of the dress.

3. Put a chock to the collar

The slim and simple scarf is normally worn around the neck and could slip off from time to time. You can also create a simple tie on the color of a buttoned up shirt. Keep the tie or scarf in place by putting a brooch on the scarf twist. You can either put this by the side or in front of a buttoned-up shirt.

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4. Bold the Brooch

This is a creative idea on, How to wear a brooch. Place your brooch right above your sternum to even put a pop to your dress and brighten your whole outfit. A brooch just at the middle of the neck on the dress keeps the eye on that place and gets everyone talking.

5. Give you casuals a pop

You can use a brooch on the waistline of a casual sweater or use it hold the top of a jacket. Michelle Obama, the Iconic former first lady, shows us how to wear a brooch by effortlessly wearing a brooch with casual outfits like sweaters and it just makes sense.

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How to we ara Brooch 06

6. Feel elegant with a Brooch popped hair

There is always something about pretty a bling on the hair making you look classic, royal and very feminine. It brings back a youthful glow and elegance, a nice brooch at the side of a flowing hair. Or sprinkle same looking brooch on an up-do to give yourself a very youthful and elegant look. Any kind of hair color works well with it.

7. Bring the belt back to life

Thinking of a different way on how to wear a brooch, clip on your brooch on the side or middle of the belt to make it stand out of your clothes and just simply bring it back to life.

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8. Bling Shoulder

The single shoulder brooch is back and this has always made dresses just more elegant and classic. Add any kind of brooch to the shoulder of a one sleeve or double sleeve gown to put it out on the radar. It adds to your glow and also matches the blinks on the wrist.

9. Make winter Hot

Celebrities are putting a little heat in winter and you should try it too. Add a brooch on your winter scarf when you wrap it in the middle or on the neckline of your sweater. You can also make it give more life to your jacket.

How to we ara Brooch 09
How to we ara Brooch 10

10. Accessories the Denim

Make a bold statement by making you denim outfit standout when you a brooch to one of the double breast pockets. You can pin up two brooches on one pocket.

11. Throw some hats on

The sensuality that comes with putting hats on even tops off its classic style when you add a brooch on any side of your hat. Put a little stylish to it, and watch as they bow.

How to we ara Brooch 11
How to we ara Brooch 12

12. Accessorize your beads

If you love wearing them beads and choker, add some glam to them with a pair of a colorful brooch.

Thinking of how to wear a brooch? Step on out, with these 12 amazing ways to wear one and you would have made a clear statement.

Browse our large collection of brooch from statement making, dainty delicate pieces to everyday brooch in a range of themes, or even mix and match different styles for an edgier look.

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