What should be a must in your jewelry collection?

Some say classics always keep you chic even if you’re someone who already has a full-blown jewelry collection. As a universal truth is less is more, wearing elegant and graceful jewelry looks far better than wearing thick dangling necklaces, big earrings, and extravagant rings. To look beautiful and graceful, doesn’t mean you have to overload your closet with every piece of jewelry you find. Sometimes wearing minimal jewelry will make you look good and unique from others. When building your jewelry collection, you must keep your style and personality in your mind. But there are certainly classic and timeless jewelry essentials that every box should have. There are some must-haves listed below that over the years proved to be evergreen, long-lasting, always in fashion, and looked pretty as if you are wearing them for the first time.

What should be a must in your jewelry collection?



Firstly, to flaunt the beautiful ears the diamond studs are perfect. Whether you are wearing a plain white shirt or a flowy dress. They compliment so well. They are far more versatile and can be worn for work, a birthday party, gym to even a zoom call. The studs simply go with everything. Most importantly, they are not age-defined and can be worn from a young smart girl to a graceful mature lady. Thus, it is a must-have in the jewelry collection.


Hoops are perfect in the jewelry collection if you are stuck between studs and chandeliers. They go so well with a low bun even on a pajama set and look so chic as well. A good pair of hoops can never go out of fashion. They can be paired with anything and make it look just that much more special and classier. It’s a classic style that delivers a subtle look and attitude. When it comes to hoops, sizes are endless even the styles such as coil ones, thus one should never be afraid to be a bit dramatic and should get a pair to make a statement.

One can have a pair depending on the personality and choice whether they like big, bold hoops or lobe hugging dainty ones, or even the smaller ones.


Chandelier earrings provide a perfect statement. They are eye-catching, glamorous, and divert attention towards themselves. You can flaunt them on a casual day in your life on any special occasion. These are one of those style classics that every woman believes are a must-have in her jewelry collection. They spark the eyes, and cannot go unnoticed by anyone. This piece of eclectic jewelry is often inspired and liked by women with unique and beautiful personal styles.



To complement the beautiful silver shining studs, a diamond necklace in the jewelry collection never harms anyone moreover, it adds beauty to your look and adores the neckline. It makes the overall look so royal and elegant. As already diamond symbolizes love and beauty, what is better than wearing what you love. A diamond necklace can be worn at any wedding, or on any other social occasion that requires a highly exquisite presence. One of the best ways to enhance your look and to look stunning is to wear a diamond necklace. It further adds a striking effect when you wear the gorgeous diamond neckpiece with the saree. They look even more stunning when a shining pure gemstone is added to them. It is also one of the signature jewel pieces of the Royal families around the globe.


Chokers can be rock ‘n’ roll, delicate, romantic, feminine, and demure all at the same moment. It stands out to look classy once you wear it. They are a great way to make your every outfit more interesting and catchier. It will instantly make one look more confident, fierce, and stylish. When paired even with a tank top, it can make it look so chic and sassy. Women and girls wear choker necklaces because the dress wouldn’t look as stunning with any other kind of jewelry, those cheekbones wouldn’t stand out as much without the choker on, and is perfect for highlighting the neck or jawline. They look even more stunning when more layers are added to them. This chic piece of jewelry is a must in the jewelry collection.

Pearl necklace

How can one forget this one? The perfect, timeless, traditional, but also unique, elegant, and dynamic piece of jewelry is a must for every woman’s jewelry collection. There are occasional pieces, but then there are the classics when it comes to necklaces. This is the classic. A sense of modernity and elegance is created by balancing the beauty of the pearl with minimum ornamentation. Who says you always need diamonds?

A simple stunning pearl necklace puts them aside and stands out in the crowd. From wearing it with a simple white shirt to a silk gown it adds more value to the outfit you are wearing. According to the ancient myths, pearls are the tears of gods and goddesses. So, one can imagine how heavenly they look when you wear them. When added with a gemstone not only do they complement each other so well, but also give a more graceful look. Every jewelry box should have this.


So here you have all the recommendations in terms of pieces to consider for your jewelry collection. These pieces are timeless, classic, and versatile. They can fit with every outfit and can change the whole vibe of it. They are worth investing in. If you haven’t tried any piece mentioned above, keep your mind open and give it a try. No one knows not even you if it becomes your next favorite.

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