Do You Want to Know What Turns Jewelry Designers to Fight the exotic Skin trade?

Many fashionistas and fashion houses felt convinced by the animal rights protectionists to avoid the fur. Yet, few things remain hot commodities like reptile skin. Count in snakes, lizards, ostriches, and crocodiles for their skins. Many fashion seasons brought them in the limelight of Paris, Newyork, and London. Luxury brands find these products to be highly profitable Jewelry Designers.

A cow leather bag cannot earn twice as much as a snakeskin bag, but it can earn. Victoria Beckham and Chanel banned it in their collections as well as high-end retailers like Selfridges. All committed to products free from exotic skins. It even turns the jewelry designer to fight the exotic skin trade Jewelry Designers.

Do You Want to Know What Turns Jewelry Designers to Fight the exotic Skin trade?

Jewelry Designers

Is the exotic skin worth it?

The rising prices of the items from luxury brands made up of exotic skin answer the question well. The reptiles and ostrich skins are unethical to use in jewelry. It remained a definitive symbol of highly classy wealth. The Christie’s auction had a bag of Crocodile Birkin (white Himalaya) By Hermes with the diamonds encrusted at the cost of Rs 2,81,33,800 in 2017. Moreover, a small Gucci Zumi bag of alligator skin costs Rs 21,39,300. That’s not all! An ostrich backpack by Louis Vuitton cost Rs, 11,33,000 Jewelry Designers.

Despite the constant efforts of animal skin campaigns and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), many brands acknowledged the unethical use of animal skins. Many renowned major brands like Mulberry, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and Hugo Boss stopped the usage of animal skins Jewelry Designers.

Jewelry Designers

Welfare Problems

Besides the conservation issues, there are severe welfare problems for the exotic skin trade, as believed by animal rights activists. PETA came up with graphic videos in 2016 from Vietnam displaying the crowded farms of crocodiles. They were in miserable conditions. Luxury European brands had their supplies from these farms, as said by farmers. It further revealed that the alive snakes nailed on the trees had their skin shed off while being alive to keep them in supple condition. Many snakes die after hours Jewelry Designers.

But to utter disappointment, it remains of no worth to monitor the raising of these reptiles. It doesn’t justify the killing agonizingly for the exotic skin trade. Its reliable supply has a lot to do with the killing of animals. Nothing justifies the wearing of skins by the people and ignoring the agonizing killing of Jewelry Designers.

Who turns jewelry designer to fight the exotic skin trade?

Don’t count in Channing Tatum as the sex symbol only. Jenna Dewan Tatum unleashed herself in a suit of snakeskin and body paint, aligning with PETA’s campaign. According to this latest campaign, it aimed to save the exotic animals’ skins. Jenna didn’t stop here Jewelry Designers.

She came up with her bracelet designs to support the cause. Buy yourself a pair of beautiful his-and-her bracelets instead of exotic skin bracelets. She teamed up with the Energy Muse jewelry encrusted with valuable stones. It was a gesture of showing respect and compassion to the exotic skin animals. She highlighted a firm belief in showing respect and love towards every earthly creature. She finds everything to be connected.

Furthermore, she finds the mistreatment of exotic animals to be senseless and inhumane acts. You can see the above picture where Jenna wears beautiful and colorful bracelets. Her bracelets cost $80, and PETA will get the sale proceeds from Energy Muse bracelets for further combating the exotic skin trade Jewelry Designers.

Even many brands like Burberry need to work on the stooping of exotic skin trade. According to the video, the workers make holes in the snake’s tails or heads. Finally, with the help of an air compressor, they suffocate it till death. Indeed, it is a brutal crime to strangle exotic animals and rip off their skin for their company Jewelry Designers.

Public health Issues

Nevertheless, exotic animals killing are a way to plant many unknown bacteria. People kill exotic animals in unsanitary ways creating chances of many health hazards. It is high time for many companies like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many other brands. No matter what quality they deliver in their products, suffering is extensive in the exotic skin trade. It is a must for brands and people to take action jointly to stop the exotic skin trade Jewelry Designers.

PETA got the video of crumpled snakes in the cemented pit, narrow like their bodies. The video shows the farm of one of the parent company LVMH. Furthermore, the ostrich’s skin is perfect for the bumpy textured bags by Louis Vuitton. The farms keep them in dirty barren fields and send them to the slaughter area, forcibly restraining and turning them upside down. They are stunned electrically and, with open slits, see their terrified flock Jewelry Designers.

Is there any substitute for jewelry designers to fight the exotic skin trade?

There is a great revolution in the fashion industry to curtail the use of exotic skin. Consumers are switching to eco-friendly and sustainable vegan resources. However, it is hard to ignore the recent development in textiles as well. Have a look at the options:

-Oak bark
-Pineapple leaves
-Recycled polyurethanes
-Mulberry leaves

Therefore, you do not need to compromise looks and fashion sense by leaving the jewelry and brands with exotic skin. All you need to do is choose wisely from cruelty-free choices Jewelry Designers.

Vegan Jewelry

It is your next stop to finalize your fashion looks with the jewelry. More than 2/3rds of 16-24 aged people considered vegan products more than a decade ago in contemporary times. Remember, butterflies or bees confined in resin are not vegan-friendly products Jewelry Designers.

Vegan Leather

It seems to raise $85 billion by 2025 because people know its benefits to the environment and animals. They know the conditions in which they get leathers from animals for their jewelry. Even men should not forget their luxurious animal leather watches of exotic skins Jewelry Designers.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

These are man-made diamonds in the laboratory, so it turns out to be a vegan choice. There is no need for animals’ displacement, polluting waterways, and toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. Land-mined diamonds are pretty harmful to the animals and lands because of evacuation. These are not vegan Jewelry Designers.

Recycled Materials

You can even choose recycled gold material to impose no side effects on the environment. It is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and vegan choice. Gold mining itself has a great impact on the wildlife at sea and land Jewelry Designers.

The endangered reptile skin turns jewelry designers to fight the exotic skin trade. Dive in to know those names and their efforts.

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