Antique Indian jewelry is one of the most famous jewelry items around the world. They are elegant and look extremely beautiful when worn with traditional Indian dresses. You can find them in gold, silver, and even gemstone jewelry designs in various jewelry shops. There is a huge variety of jewelry pieces that you can wear with any outfit that you like. If you’re in search of some antique Indian Jewelryshops in Edinburgh, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will share some interesting varieties of jewelry that you won’t find anywhere. Keep on reading ahead to find out the best jewelry shops that sell unique traditional and antique jewelry.



Types of Indian Antique Jewelry in Trends:

Indian jewelry is quite famous for having heavy design work. They seem heavy but not all jewelry is heavy and you can also find them light-weight. To have an idea of the best options in Antique Indian jewelry trends, we have a list down below.

Antique Mang Tikka:


The first jewelry item that we have here is called a mang tikka. You have to wear this on your forehead. It comes in many shapes, designs, and sizes. You have to wear it between your hairs with a hairpin that holds it in place. It is embellished with gemstones and pearls that give it a unique look when you style it. There is another headpiece, called matha Patti, that goes around the forehead. It is also a heavy embellish piece that is made of pearls, kundankari, and rare antique designs that are worth investing in. JEWELRY TRENDS

Chand Baliyan:


Chand Bamiyan is a category of traditional earrings that are made of pearls, diamonds, or crystal work. The term “Chand” means moon-shaped as the shape of these earrings is like that. They come in a variety of designs and are mostly made with silver material. You can find them in many sizes that also vary in weight. They are very delicate earrings that give your dress just the right glamor it needs. You can pair these up with a matching matha tikka and a choker, a Victorian-style neckpiece. JEWELRY TRENDS

Diamond Indian bangles/Karay:

These are one of the most popular antique Indian jewelry items. You will always find them in trends. They look so elegant when you style them with traditional dresses, like a saree. These bangles are made of diamonds and gemstones. They are made of unique designs and are noticeable from a distance. You can pair these with matching jhumkas and get them custom-made with gemstones. JEWELRY TRENDS

Takashi Necklace:

Takashi is a category of antique Indian jewelry that is made of brass copper or silver. The intricate designs make it look purely traditional and eye-catching. The details in Tarakashiare made with pearls too. You will mostly find them in round-shaped silver material. However, you will mostly find them in golden color, but they are made of silver material. You can wear these neckpieces with layers of contrasting chains to give you that heavy Indian traditional girl look. To add in more beauty, try pairing this neckpiece with rings on both hands. JEWELRY TRENDS



Kundankari is one of the most beautiful designs to try in Indian jewelry. They are made of colorful gemstones and mirror details along with tiny pearls. You will mostly find them in various layers of necklaces with a mang tikka and jhumka pair. These are slightly less heavy which is why you can wear them for a longer time without feeling the load of them. JEWELRY TRENDS

Traditonal Antique Jhumkas:

Traditionaljhumkas are still popular to this date. They have a never-ending variety. They come in bell-shaped designs of all sizes. Similarly, they are also available in loop designs with beautiful diamonds and pearls embellishment. You can find them in fish-hook style or even studs. They are usually made of stainless steel material, Kundan material, pearl material, and silver oxide material. They not only look nice with traditional wear, but you can also style them up with western wear too. These are a good investment if you like wearing them daily. JEWELRY TRENDS

Antique Cuff Bracelets:

Cuff bracelets are a popular choice since the Mughal era. Many Indian women have a huge collection of these cuff bracelets in their jewelry collection. They are mostly made of silver oxide material making them last longer. You can find simple designs as well as heavy designs that also come with a matching ring set. JEWELRY TRENDS

Bazu Band (Armlets):


Bazu band is one of the most attractive antique Indian jewelry pieces that you can wear. You can usually wear this over your arm which is why it is called an armlet. It comes in kundankari design, pearl design, Tarakashi, and Meenakari design as well. You can get these custom-made with gemstone. JEWELRY TRENDS

Paazaib (Heavy Anklets)/ Payal:

The last antique Indian jewelry piece that we have for you is paazaib or Payal. You can wear them around your ankles. They add a lot of beauty to your legs. The material of this jewelry is chaandi (pure silver). Some paazaib or Payal even make a beautiful sound when you walk. Paazaibis are heavier in shape, size, and design, while Payal is mostly light and delicate anklets that you can style every day. JEWELRY TRENDS

Final Verdict

Antique Indian jewelry is one of the most beautiful jewelry items to wear. You can find some unique ready-made jewelry items in shops. Likewise, you also have an option for getting custom jewelry. From mang tikka to some beautiful paazaib, you can buy any or every item and add it to your jewelry collection. These are all the trending jewelry pieces that we have written down for you. We hope it makes your searching easier when you plan on shopping in antique Indian jewelry shops in Edinburgh. JEWELRY TRENDS

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Are you looking for some unique and antique Indian jewelry items to buy? You have come to the right place to discover some amazing ideas to consider when visiting Indian jewelry shops in Edinburgh. JEWELRY TRENDS

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