What is LGBTQ Pride Month?

When entering June of every year We will see different areas. decorated with rainbow flags Known as Pride Month, it’s an important time for LGBTQ people, or five LGBTQ groups such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, to show their pride. But before reaching this point What is the history of Hungry Hub today? Let’s get to know each other in this article.

What is LGBTQ Pride Month?

Pride Month is Gender Equality Day, where each country has different dates and times. But most of them will be held from June 1-30 of every year. In addition to the days that will be expressed in terms of equality, It is still another important day because it commemorates the day of the conflict. Discrimination among LGBT people before leading to a riot in Stonewall, New York, on June 28, 1969.

How did the Stonewall incident begin?

How did the Stonewall riot begin?

If we go back in time 53 years ago or 1969 when gender diversity was not yet accepted by people in society. By dressing that does not match their own gender same-sex love will be viewed by others in society as a terrorist Devoid of respect, selfless, and oppressed with all sorts of things, just like a person with a stigma inside of him. Plus, Pol Pot has a chance of being arrested if he reveals his identity to the public. Although in recent times there have been claims through various channels. (except internet because in those days there was no internet to use) but it was brushed off, silent and not paying attention to the laws and mechanisms of society Moreover, being oppressed like this doesn’t just happen in New York City.

Only in one place, but also in many other countries even Thailand as well It wasn’t until three years later, in 1966 that New York City’s powerful mafia family, Genovese, acquired the Stonewall Inn, a restaurant bar. Before being renovated into a gay bar in 1967, it was very popular with LGBTQ people because Stonewall was the only bar in New York. who can reveal their identity fully and, most importantly, can buy alcoholic beverages to drink Because of the oppression of the law that prevents the sale of beverages to the LGBT community itself?

Stonewall Riot

But the happiness did not last long. It wasn’t until June 28, 1969, that the police raided and used force when it all came to a breaking point, patience, and a need for freedom. therefore there was a clash and there was resistance the riots lasted more than five days and became more and more violent. In the end, it made people begin to understand more about the condition of the opposite sex. and make those who used to hide alone show more equality. After this incident happened a year later, a parade took place. From Stonewall to Central Park It was called Christopher Street Liberation Day with the parade saying, Say it loud, Gay is proud before it became a pivotal day that transformed the history of queer activism to today

Beginning of the month of pride

Beginning of Pride Month

After the first march in 1970, 30 years later, in 2000, Bill Clinton, or William Jefferson Clinton, was serving as the 72nd United States Secretary. It was declared a day of pride for gays and lesbians, and later in 2009, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. has declared LGBT Pride Month LGBT Pride Month. June of every year

What is the meaning of the rainbow colors in the flag?

What is Pride Month rainbow flag?

Many people may wonder. Why are there 6 colors of flags that are seen at marches or hung around houses during the period? This rainbow color was designed by Gilbert Baker and was introduced on June 25, 1978 by Gil. Byrd himself is an artist. and American LGBT activist with the idea of ​​creating a flag for the LGBT community Actually, there was a need to create 8 colors, but the technology of producing flags at that time was limited. Therefore, there are only 6 colors left. The meaning of each color of the flag is as follows.

Red means life

Orange means healing.

Yellow means hope or sunlight.

Green means nature.

Blue means art.

Purple means spirit.

On March 27, 2017, Gilbert Baker passed away at the age of 65, just before his memorial was made. and brought the flag he designed to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. To be inscribed as a memorial and important representative of gender diversity acceptance that is elegant and memorable

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