How to style your marcasite jewelry?

Marcasite jewelry has been trending since the time Queen Victoria wore it as a mourning jewelry item. It’s the type of jewelry that stays with you for a very long time. Marcasite jewelry is iron pyrite that stays rigid and enhances the luster within you. It is also called fool’s gold which most people recognize. No matter at what distance you stand, the jewelry will shine right from a distance. You’ll immediately be able to tell from the sparkle that would twinkle from its distance. Since it was first introduced centuries ago, it always has had a vintage touch to it.

How to style your marcasite jewelry?


No matter how much the fashion industry evolves, marcasite jewelry would always give an antique vibe. As more brands being marcasite into their business, it’s becoming popular every day. However, it is a pretty complicated piece of jewelry to style with. Many fashion icons are still confused about how to style their outfits or themselves with marcasite jewelry. Brands rarely display their outfits on the ramp with marcasite jewelry. This means influencers do not have a lot of input to take reference from. That gave us an idea to provide you with some pointers about who can style yourself with this kind of jewelry. This would help you a lot in the future if you’re crazy about such jewelry. It also assists you in making it work on your looks.

Styling tips for marcasite jewelry


Marcasite jewelry has quite the vintage feel to it. It has an amazing luster that enhances as time goes by, giving you a unique shine. What’s so amazing about it is the way you can enhance its beauty by pairing it with equally nicely but compatible marcasite jewelry. If you’ve discovered this type of jewelry recently, you’re not ready for the alternate world that exists within it. Marcasite is truly astounding and would remain so until made otherwise. It is made with pieces that possess a shine that sneaks up on you and makes you feel special. Below are some of the best ways you can style your jewelry:

Less is more:

This is a trip that we’ve been getting for quite some time. It’s about jewelry being worn with items that do not overshadow each other. If you’ve chosen an exotic marcasite jewelry necklace to wear for a party, pair it with some lowkey earrings. This would force the attention of everyone towards the necklace more, accenting your elegant neck. Or similarly, wear a huge pair of earrings and a simple necklace for a special event. This would make your marcasite jewelry look more delicate and alluring. However, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo yourself and pick pieces very carefully.

Pairing with outfits:


The best way you can pair your outfit with marcasite jewelry is by wearing plain shirts. These would bring out the chunky necklaces you choose to pair them with. Always select a design that enhances your look by wearing only plain colors without lines or intense designs. The patterns over your outfit would distract the eyes of the viewer, drawing them away from the jewelry. A couple of examples include wearing a marcasite pendant with an elegant black dress. Preferably a black marcasite pendant to match the dress. You can wear a marcasite necklace with a leather jacket to make the combination that fascinating.

Consider your neckline:

Believe it or not, the neckline of an outfit is extremely important. You don’t want the neckline to be that much enhanced. Always choose jewelry according to the neckline of your outfit. The usual v-necks and low-cut shape of the neckline go well with choker-like necklaces. We know the marcasite jewelry collection certainly has them in abundance. Also, consider all those strapless dresses and sweetheart necklines. These kinds of necklines go well with statement necklaces that are made to highlight your neck.

Following this tip would make it quite easy for you to pair such kinds of jewelry with pretty outfits as well. Whenever you’re choosing to wear marcasite jewelry, be sure to wear dark-colored outfits with it. These colors can be black, purple, and blue, they pop up that silvering glint within the jewelry. That way you’ll complete the purpose of wearing jewelry that makes you feel right at home.

Focus on your hands:

No matter what you think, well-managed hands do make a difference when it comes to marcasite jewelry. If you have chipped or worn-out nails, get a manicure so you can give them a beautiful look. After all, that’s what these intricately designed rings deserve. Also, choose nude or muted colors for nail paint, this wouldn’t throw off your jewelry. You’ll drive your attention more towards your beautiful hands. Instead of wearing multiple rings on your hands, select a single statement marcasite ring to wear. It would carefully highlight the unique design of silver jewelry according to your taste.



Marcasite bracelets are extremely famous for their alluring design and have been part of many fashion ramp walks. The best way to style such beautiful jewelry is by just sliding it on your bare wrists so the simplicity would enhance your look. You can also wear a tight-fitted long-sleeved shirt, preferably in black, and wear a bracelet over it. If you’re in the mood to pop up more than one bracelet then choose ones that are simple with thin chains.


Marcasite jewelry is a great choice for basically any kind of theme style. You can wear it to a casual or even a formal event. The jewelry is so versatile that you can wear it however you want to. This makes it very easy to just choose the type of look you’re going for and work from there. Marcasite comes with many properties that you’ll be impressed with once you start wearing it with care. So buckle up and take on this crazy ride with us to the styling world. It would surely be an adventurous one!

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