6 gifts that are good for the heart given to adults on Songkran day are guaranteed to be pleased

Every April 13 American Make sure it’s Christmas or Thai New Year’s Day, where they go to pay homage to the Mother Goddess or other defiant spirits who have invited the opportunity and join the Songkran festival activities that are worth more than 11 days, maybe Songkran Day… Dare to dare to explore or challenge?

6 gifts that are good for the heart given to adults on Songkran day are guaranteed to be pleased

Songkran day 

Elderly people are people that Thai people respect and give importance to. because it is considered the starting model of the family no elderly will have no children or grandchildren Therefore, we must give importance and respect. Because one day we will have to grow old to be elderly as well. in which the activities on the day of the elderly Or in the Songkran festival, one thing that is done is to pour water on the head. Ask for blessings from elders or elders. for the prosperity of us But in addition to worshiping and watering the head gift giving or buying a gift back to deposit to give to respected adults is one thing that should be done today at Samyan Mitrtown. There are some ideas for buying souvenirs to give to adults on Thai New Year’s Day. for friends, It’s an idea

1. Clothes, clothes, and apparel

Songkran day 

What is practiced when doing activities for watering the head of adults is handing over clothes. or clothing for the elders we respect Because it is one of the secrets to start the new year with a new set of clothes. To start a good day, so popular things to buy for adults, therefore, are clothes costumes Or they can be loincloths, bags, or towels. Which is chosen to suit the adults that we will go to the water to make blessings and should be comfortable to wear.

2. Perfumery, spa products

Songkran day 

You will notice that baking and cooking water is often used put in a bowl of water. to water, the elders to refresh Gift giving or spa products or body care items used in daily life with herbal, fruit or floral scents given to respected adults It will cause freshness in the summer as well.

3. Jewelry

Songkran day 

Decorations It could be gold, silver, watches, jewelry, or other accessories that are popular with respected adults as well. especially gold because it is of high value Even now, the price of gold has skyrocketed. Guaranteed adults who will be delighted for sure. Songkran day 

4. Health products

Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Most people have turned their attention to health care. Providing health care items Whether it’s supplements, vitamins, or medical equipment for home use. like an oxygen meter or even a COVID-19 test kit It is something that many people want and need. if buying for a respected adult It’s also a good option.

5. IT products

Now the internet has gone all over Thailand and everyone is keeping up with the world of social media and technology. Even many adults can use communication tools as well as children. Many children are more addicted to social media than children, so technology is not too far away or difficult for the elderly. purchasing IT products Mobile phones, iPods, or other interesting accessories offer should create fun and excitement for the elderly as well. But if you buy it, you need to teach yourself how to use it.

6. Cash

For anyone who can’t figure out what to buy Or doesn’t have a lot of free time to walk around to see the stuff, give cash as a New Year’s gift which is an easy choice and definitely like the recipient because it can be transformed into various objects as the recipient wants Giving cash, so we often see each other when pouring water and praying for the elders.

All in all, these are 6 gift shopping ideas. Give it to the elders we respect. that believe that it must make you happy There is not a single smile on your face.

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