All you need to know about sterling jewelers

These days Sterling jewelers are not about selling sterling silver jewelry only. Sterling Jewelers these days are seeking to sell the finest gold, diamond, gemstone, personalized, silver jewelry, watches, and much more!
Wondering when Sterling jewelers started? They opened the first store in 1896 in Valletta. This first shop gained so much fame with its fashionable accessories that it started opening several shops.

The incredible timepieces with the finest jewelry pieces make this brand a famous store in Malta. With the diverse range of e-stores and several retail stores in all states, this brand gained fame since its operation. In today’s time, this brand is now operating around 24 shops all around Gozo and Malta.

All you need to know about sterling jewelers

What makes these Sterling jewelers different from others?

The Sterling jewelers make sure to sell incredible collections. Their collections are made of top-notch material leading to the finest quality. Sterling jewelers offer fashionable jewelry, watches, high-end accessories, homeware, and office items, personalization, Gucci products, and much more! Sterling jewelers brand serves as one of the largest and widely operating retail distribution working locally. This stunning brand strengthened itself by hiring specialized craftsmen and skilled individuals.

Which collections are offered by Sterling Jewelers?

The diverse range offered by Sterling Jewelers include:

Emoji Collection

This stunning sentimental collection conveys your emojis like love and affection. Choosing the products from the emoji collection is the simplest way to convey your emotions. It includes winking emoji necklaces, kiss emoji necklace, in-love emoji necklaces, cool emoji necklace, and cheeky emoji necklaces. These necklaces are classy and available at affordable prices with incredible quality.

3-Tone Collection

At Sterling Jewelers, you can choose the classy, balanced, and elegant dainty collection in sterling silver. The three-tone design gives a perfect sparkle to the wearers offering an uplifted look. You can pair the accessories from this collection with your personality when wearing formal or daily wear. This sterling collection includes harmony necklace, trinity necklace, trinity earrings, harmony earrings, unity necklace, and unity earrings.

Ovale Collection

The Ovale collection is all about self-expression and beautiful colors. Daring to flaunt a bold look? Then opt for the mind-blowing accessories from the Ovale collection. The best sellers from the Ovale collection include Ovale Acqua Mezzaluna Necklace REHAB-WR, Ovale Multi Hoop Earrings, Ovale Viola Sole Necklace RNOFPR-PG.

Gent’s Collection

Looking for something for your partner? Then don’t worry as Sterling jewelers do offer gent’s collections too. You can choose from an engravable bracelet and a sterling silver 925 bracelet.

Heart Collection

Seeking something that looks flawless and wins the heart of your loved ones? Then choose something from the sterling jewelers collection including heart earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and more!

Silver 925 mum collection

For all those seeking a perfect gift for their mothers, have a look at the silver 925 mum collection by Sterling Jewelers. It includes a mum necklace, engraved mum necklace, mum bracelet, and more!

Moving Collection

For all those who love moving necklaces, they can choose something from this collection. It features a mesmerizing collection to flaunt with the dress. This collection includes:

-925 Silver Necklace Family Tree

-925 Silver Necklace Circle with Flower

-925 Silver Necklace Evil eye

-925 Silver Necklace Hearts and Flower

-925 Silver Necklace Infinity with Flower

-925 Silver Necklace Heart with Love 3 Tone

-925 Silver Necklace Heart with Love

Apart from these collections, there are Jack & Jill collection, maltese cross, rainbow collection, sterling silver glitz collection, zircon pendants, Silver 925 Turquoise, and Coral Collection. You can choose the desired accessories according to your choice.


For personalized sterling jewelry options, you can choose from accessories like:


– For necklaces, you can choose Glitz Letters, Rainbow Letters, Sideways Initial Necklace, sideways initial necklace, and Engravable Heart. You can also choose from Silver 925 Initial Letters, and the UNISEX Silver 925 Initial Letters 16mm.

There are name necklaces too along with the birthstone necklaces. The necklaces are also available in infinity love designs, love necklaces, and endless love heart necklaces. These best-selling necklaces are worth investing money in as they make your entire personality dazzling!


– You can also get personalized bracelets at Sterling jewelers to gift your loved ones. The name bracelets are also engravable and can be customized with the dates, loved one’s names, or more.


– With the diverse range of sterling silver rings at Sterling jewelers, you can choose the initial rings. These sparkling rings flaunt well on your hands making you look gorgeous.


– The cufflinks at Sterling Jewelers make your dress look stunning. At this store, there are silver 925 initial cufflinks to enhance the look of your personality.


– If your memorable event is coming up, but you are not sure what to give your partner. Then choose Sterling jewelers for the memorable gift. They have side initials with engravable hearts giving your accessories a perfect spark.


– Ladies out there will love the idea of flaunting feet. This store has initial anklets and anklets with charms uplifting the entire look.


BABY-G | CASIO for women

– This Casio’s fashionable, timeless piece came into being as a counterpart of big brother in 1994. What makes this watch unique is the idea of vibrant colors with bold, stylish looks exemplifying the entire personality. You can easily grab this watch at Sterling Jewelers. Bulova for men and women- Bulova watches are also designed with innovation, the latest technology, and professional craftsmanship. Bulova is a brand that sets standards creating exceptional products. You can buy watches by Bulova at Sterling Jewelers.

CASIO Collection for men, women, and kids

– At Sterling jewelers, you can buy watches by Casio for men, women, and kids. This iconic vintage design still wins the hearts of all ages!

CLUSE for men and women

– If you are seeking something chic, then the boho-style watches by Cluse are available at Sterling Jewelers.

Ferrari for men and women

– At Sterling jewelers, you also get access to Ferrari watches. Ferrari makes sure to offer you athletic, sleek timeless pieces representing the formula 1 history and its power.

GUESS® for men and women

– If you are seeking something with diamonds and a classy design, then choose Guess for the incredible watches. This brand makes sure to help you stand out in the public eye.

Tissot for men and women

– Tissot, another leading brand in the market that makes sure to offer classically designed watches. You can get Tissot watches at this leading store.

Tommy Hilfiger for men and women

– It is a famous American brand that makes sure to offer elegant yet casual designs. You can buy watches by Tommy Hilfiger at Sterling Jewelers. There are other watch types available at Sterling Jewelers too. You can choose from G-SHOCK | CASIO, SHEEN | CASIO, Hugo Boss, Liu Jo, and Police.

Home & Office collection

Apart from jewelry, watches, and other accessories, you can also buy home and office collections at Sterling jewelers. There are several brands offering home and office collection including:


– This brand offers aesthetically appealing, unique home decor pieces which give a different touch to your entire setting.


– For luxurious handcrafted sculptures in porcelain, figurines, or home accessories, choose Lladro. Grab the home accessories from this brand at Sterling Jewelers.

Silver 925 Icons

– For silvery iconic images and portraits, opt for this eye-catching collection at Sterling Jewelers.

Sterling Frames

– If you are more inclined to display your memorable pictures, choose sterling frames available at Sterling Jewelers.

Versace Home

– Versace is not bound for any introduction. If you are planning to invest in unique, finest home decor pieces then this is the right choice! Visit Sterling jewelers for the Versace collection.

Pierre Cardin

– Lastly, Sterling Jewelers also offers Pierre Cardin home and office decor collections which are eye-catching!

Which brands are offered at Sterling Jewelers?

To name a few, the best brands in terms of jewelry collection available at Sterling Jewelers include:


– Gucci is a brand that started in 1972. It became the leading fashion house creating iconic timepieces displaying a contemporary spirit. Gucci makes sure to create pieces displaying a perfect combination of fashion, elegance, innovation, and craftsmanship. Gucci also offers watches that symbolize innovation and the finest quality.


– Brosway- a leading brand in terms of innovative designs, creativity, and luxurious styles. They make sure to offer different and unique designs in jewelry symbolizing the Italian style with refined products. The Brosway jewelry is a perfect example of the design displayed at Sterling Jewelers.

Calvin Klein

– Calvin Klein, a name that needs no introduction. It is a brand that makes sure to offer ladies and gents watches. These watches are sophisticated, modern, and stylish. You can easily buy this brand at Sterling Jewelers.


– Another worldwide famous brand- Guess is known for offering accessories with the famous iconic logo designs. Guess offers classy accessories that create a perfect persona of the wearer. Guess is available at Sterling Jewelers.


– This classic name in the jewelry market is all about meticulously designed jewelry pieces. This company started in 1890 and gained fame with its handcrafted pearl jewelry. You can shop this brand at Sterling Jewelers.

Tommy Hilfiger

– This American brand ensures to offer cool and stylish jewelry pieces. The accessories offered by this brand are a perfect modern twist to the traditional jewelry pieces creating iconic pieces. You can purchase watches from this brand at Sterling Jewelers.

With the extensive post about Sterling Jewelers, we are sure it’s helpful for you to invest in your favorite products. Choose the right products and flaunt the accessory right away. Not sure about which jewelry, watches, and accessories to buy? Then head on to Sterling jewelers to help you decide what you want.

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