How to fix the gemstone in a wholesale brooch if it is loose?

Gemstone jewelry is precious. Now there is an increasing trend of brooches with different gemstones. These provide an appealing look to every jewelry item including brooches. Do you have the wholesale brooch with gemstones? If yes then you know about its worth and value. The gemstone provides a new look and quality to the jewelry collection. It is the primary reason that every woman attracts to it and wants to purchase it.

How to fix the gemstone in a wholesale brooch if it is loose?

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Now the wholesalers also have incredibly beautiful gemstone brooches. You can also get it from wholesale and enjoy the cost-effective gemstone brooch. However there is a common issue that many women face is falling off gemstone from the pendant, brooch, or earring structure. It is a terrible moment but doesn’t worry you can fix it. Here we will share a comprehensive guide on how to fix the gemstone in the wholesale brooch and maintain its value. So let’s dive into it.

How do you fix gemstones?

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Many of us think that it is impossible to fix the gemstone in brooches if it is loose. But you can fix your brooch gemstone without getting any professional assistance. Take the epoxy and acetone in equal amounts. Mix it to make the perfect mixture. You can use any epoxy like water clear epoxy 330. It has the perfect formula that binds the gemstone. However, put the mixture in cracked gemstone and let it dry. It will keep at the position and also repair the cracked portion. Now check if it is dry then paint the mixture on the cracked area. the mixture will penetrate and the gemstone looks like new.

Now if your gemstone fell but didn’t have any crack then take the bonding material, apply it at its back and hold on to the right position. It will take time to dry but is fixed at the position without any hassle.
Many professional service providers are also offering their services to fix the gemstone in a wholesale brooch. You can also get their assistance and renew your wholesale brooch with a loose brooch.
However, you can fix your loose gemstone in a wholesale brooch by using epoxy and easy-to-follow methods.

What can I do with loose gemstones?

It is also a common situation that gemstones come out of a brooch after they lose their diameter. You can use it in many ways like decoration, making new jewelry items, and many more. However, collect your loose gemstone and put them in a jar for display. ensure that you give value to your gemstone as these are precious and their worth increases with time. In addition, you can label them according to identification and enjoy collecting different gemstones as a hobby. Think creatively and use the loose gemstones in incredible ways. Brooches are also useful but if the gemstone is loose then use it in different ways.

Why is it essential to fix the gemstone in a wholesale brooch?

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It’s essential to fix the gemstone in your wholesale brooch as it increases its worth. The actual worth of a wholesale brooch depends on its gemstone. So if it loses then the brooch loses all its worth. It is a trick to find the real and appropriate gemstone from the wholesaler that compliments the brooch. Therefore it’s essential to fix the gemstone in wholesale brooch immediately when you feel that it loses its strength and may fall. Keep in mind that on-time fixation helps to store its quality, durability, incredible look, and reliability. Once you fix the gemstone in place then its life increases to many folds. You can use your sams wholesale brooch to complement your variety of dresses.

Three best wholesale brooches with gemstones

Now here we will share the three best wholesale brooch with precious gemstones. All these brooches look incredibly beautiful and give perfect worth to your money. The gemstones in it are beautiful with nice cuts and fit perfectly as well. So let’s dive into it.

Minghua Retro Hollow Flower Waterdrop Gemstone Brooch

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Here is the trendy water drop gemstone wholesale brooch. It is the perfect option for all the ladies especially mothers to style their scarfs, shawls, and dresses. You can use it on formal wedding dresses as it is a cubic brooch pin. The construction material is alloyed with water drop gemstone in the center. Moreover, men can also enjoy its glory by decorating their coats with it. It is a perfect gift that lasts for years and doesn’t have a fear of loose gemstones.

Christmas Xmas Ugly Sweater Party Faux Gemstone Tree Brooch

Here is a statement gemstone brooch that lasts long due to its high-end manufacturing. The Christmas tree brooch is a great piece to style at Christmas parties with an ideal shine and look. you can give it to someone, especially on Christmas, and enjoy trendy looks. It is a fashionable wholesale accessory that has an ideal fitting on gemstones. so you can enjoy its glory for long years and style with different dresses.

SLOVO Marquise Shape Brooch

The marquise-shaped brooch with precious stones is the ideal choice for party wear, formal functions, and gifts. It has the perfect size and shape along with lightweight styling. It is the statement brooch to enhance the beauty of scarfs, hats, and many other stylings. The Marquise shape brooch is stylish, attractive, and fashionable. Wrap in the stylish box to gift it to your beloved lady on special occasions like birthday anniversaries, valentines, and weddings.


By summing up it is clear that you can fix your gemstone in wholesale brooch if it loses its strength or falls down. Ensure that you follow the steps carefully and choose the right epoxy. Sometimes gemstones have cracks that need epoxy with acetone to regain their shapes. If you have a complicated structure and think that it’s unable to be fixed with a DIY method then visit the professional jeweler.

They have the appropriate mixture, and experience to fix the gemstones and make them new. We hope this guide is helpful for you in fixing gemstones in the wholesale brooch and making it like new. Fix your favorite brooch and complement many new dresses with it. Do you have the loose gemstone from the wholesale brooch? If yes then fix it now with easy steps. here is the compelling guide to fix gemstone in the wholesale brooch

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