How to plan a surprise proposal with Wholesale Silver Ring

Surprise proposal planning is one of the anxiety-inducing events. As you are now ready to start the new phase of your life with your loved one you must be excited and thrilled to start this new milestone. Planning a surprise proposal is a challenging task. Choosing the wholesale silver ring for your partner that too secretly is a huge task as you need to know all the minor details. Planning a surprise proposal for your loved one needs to be a perfect one without missing any details.

How to plan a surprise proposal with Wholesale Silver Ring

wholesale silver ring

The perfect fit of the ring is essential without actually sizing their fingers. To help you out with the perfect surprise proposal dive in to have a look:

Choose the subtle, classic looking ring:

The wholesale silver ring should be such that it blows away your loved one’s mind. The ring should be aesthetically appealing and feature a flawless design. If you are adamant to get your hands on the perfect size you should seek the fool-proof method. You can ask your partner about their ring size or finger size in conversations to spill out the truth. You can pretend that you are planning to buy a ring for your friend or your mother.

wholesale silver ring

Apart from it, you can take her with you to buy the ring and tell her that you are buying it for your mom to know her choices. You can take your loved one to the famous stores or shop online from e-stores to end up buying the best one. Doing this tells you about her insights on the ring choice along with her ring size. This method helps you with quick results without being wrong in terms of ring size. No need to be shaky in this method as it allows you to plan a perfect proposal.

Use any ring of hers:

For this method, what you can do is just steal one of her rings and buy the ring according to your choice and the available ring size. Be careful and quick while using this approach. Ensure that you pick up the right ring. Spend less time finding the correct ring from her collection and give it to the jewelry maker. Apart from it, you can also do a simple method of tracing her ring over the paper using a pencil or a pen. However, when approaching this method, make sure to be vigilant enough and draw the inside as well as outside of the ring boundaries to get the perfect fit. Make sure that you are consistent while drawing the ring to get your hands on the perfect fit ring for your partner on your proposal. Your jewelry consultant will figure out the wholesale silver ring size with your trace.

Measuring methods:

wholesale silver ring

If you are unable to get your hands on the ring of your partner, you can opt for these methods. Try comparing your partner’s fingers with your fingers at times of holding hands. Then compare the ring finger to your fingers and see which finger seems closest in diameter to your partner in terms of ring size. Next, you can do is measure that specific finger and get the perfect fit wholesale silver ring for your partner. Apart from it, there is another romantic, chic method that you can perform before you plan the proposal. You can tie the ring fingers of you and your partner and sing something romantic, a love poem, or confess your love for your partner. Next, use this string and take it to your jewelry consultant for getting the perfect fit ring for your partner.

Get a friend’s help:

A friend of hers can also help you out to get the perfect wholesale silver ring for your partner. Evade all suspicions and end up buying the perfect ring for your proposal. Choose a friend who is reliable enough and you can trust for keeping the secret.

Ask your partner directly:

Last but not the least, what you can do is simply ask your partner. Enough of all the secrets and anxiety, just go forward and get ready to talk about the marriage with your partner. Tell her that you are planning to spend the rest of your life with her. Tell her that you are planning to gift her the most beautiful wholesale silver ring. See her priceless reaction and let her fall in love with you all over again. You can get an appointment with the jewelry atelier and let her choose the best ring for herself too.

Tips to consider while planning the surprise proposal with wholesale silver ring:

wholesale silver ring

Dive in to have a look at small things when buying the ring:

When you are planning to buy the ring bands, make sure that wider rings come with a tighter fit compared to the thin band. If you are planning to take her ring to the jewelry shop, make sure that you buy the ring in the same width. Apart from it, another important measure that you should consider while buying the wholesale silver ring is to measure her ring during the evening as, in the evening time, the fingers are warm and slightly expanded. Don’t be frightened too much about the proposal as being stressed might ruin your proposal. If you get the ring with wring size, you can always get it resized so enjoy the moment with your partner.


After reading this article, you’ll end up planning the best proposal for your loved one with the wholesale silver ring. Shop a lustrous-looking, mesmerizing ring for your loved ones that will sweep their feet. So, stop worrying about the proposal and shop for the perfect fit ring for your partner and surprise them with the most wonderful ring. Make your proposal day memorable with the best gift! Planning a surprise proposal for your loved one with the wholesale silver ring? Not sure how you’ll manage it, click now to find out!

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