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Top 50 Best Silver Rings Every Girl Must Have

Browse through the best silver rings every girls could ever dream of. From extravagant pieces, cocktail ring, vintage, midi ring, delicate dainty ring to a simple wedding band, our top 50 sterling silver ring has something for every occasion and use. Sterling silver rings are quite popular among the masses because of their exquisite finish along with their high durability and affordable price. Therefore, they are every artisan’s dream material. This is why our sterling silver ring collection is as extensive as it can get. Whether you wish to purchase it for use or for gift giving, sterling silver rings are ideal for it all. If you are a jewelry store owner, these top 50 best rings are sure to be your fast-selling items in you stock.

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Vintage Silver Ring

Elegance. Regal. Sophistication. Sometimes the current fashion trend just doesn’t cut it. You will find various customers coming to your store, wanting something unique and dated. We have the perfect accessory for them. Our silver vintage ring collection has a variety of traditional designs that are bound to be appreciated by those who like the fashion of the olden days. Our brilliant artisans have paid homage to the olden days while keeping the rings relevant in modern times. This is a combination that is seldom achieved by a ring manufacturer. By delivering it, we ensure that your customers’ need for uniqueness, sophistication and beauty is satisfied all in one go.

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Art Deco Silver Ring

People who wish for an authentic blast from the past are bound to appreciate our art déco silver rings. This style is reminiscent of the 1925 “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes”. This event showcased some of the decorative fashion of that time. To this date, fashion is considered the epitome of grace and beauty. Our Art Deco Silver rings embody all the characteristics of art deco jewellery. This includes a sterling silver band, marcasite stone which are precisely cut by Swiss grade standard, geometric designs and filigree work.

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Cocktail Ring

Sooner or later, specific customers will walk into your store asking for a ring that grabs attention. This is when our cocktail silver ring collection will come to the rescue. Our cocktail silver rings become the centre of attention due to their massive size and vibrant coloured stones. Our artisans adorn these rings with beautiful and precious large rocks which are surrounded by smaller delicate stones. Such rings are crafted with immense accuracy to ensure their aesthetic appeal. Regardless of what your customer is wearing, our cocktail rings will undoubtedly elevate their look.

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Silver Animal Ring

Some people tend to have eccentric taste in fashion. Sometimes the occasion demands rings that are not too formal or sophisticated. Our Animal Silver ring range is crafted for such time and people. We offer an array of designs (or should we say animals), sizes and colours in this range. When a customer wears our animal silver ring, it will look like that they have an animal hugging their finger. It makes for an adorable look that is bound to garner appreciation. Include this wholesale silver ring in your ring collection to offer as the perfect gift for young girls.

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Elongated Ring

Elongated rings refer to those whose centrepiece extends a considerable length in the North-South direction. This length is visibly more than what is usually the length in standard rings. This makes an elongated ring elaborate and extravagant. Such rings are ideal for formal occasions, regardless of the age of the wearer. They are also quite common for gift and engagements. Our experienced artisans have spent considerable time crafting each elongated silver ring to be unique, exquisite and durable. The intricate designs featured on the rings make them even more beautiful.

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Silver Eternity Band

Nothing says wedding bands like a simple silver eternity band. Despite their minimalism and simplicity, a silver eternity band has been a popular choice among both men and women for decades. The trend is likely to continue well in the future as well. Our silver ring bands stand out from the rest in terms of quality and durability. We use the best material to craft our ring bands. You can rest assured that none of our rings will wear out regardless of how much you wear them.

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Dainty Silver Ring

Nothing screams elegance like a dainty silver ring. While some people prefer elaborate designs, others wish for delicate dainty rings. Our store delivers both. For the latter, our silver dainty rings do wonder. These rings are petite and royal at the same time. Despite their thin structure, they are carefully designed to include complicated patterns. This helps increase their wow factor even more. Purchase these wholesale silver ring collection and watch as they get sold out in no time.

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Geometric Ring

Last but not least, why every girl must own geometric ring in their collection. The answer is simply that every girl loves the color of gemstones and they brings vivid shade to their attire. All the gemstones are available in variety of geometry shapes from round, square, oval, pear, triangle, diamond and many more. With variety of ways to do it, creating a dark color can result in sophisticated and enigmatic style. Creating pop with sharp contrast make whimsical and fun style or working with a more monochrome for simple but elegant way for a woman to express her style.

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