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Sterling Silver Watches

Top 5 Best Selling Sterling Silver Watches

Top 5 Best Selling Sterling Silver Watches from Vintage Watches to Modern Watches

Followings are the best selling sterling silver watches that not only speak volume about functionality and status symbol, but they could switch on your positive attitude and a broader perspective. The refinement and polished look with quality watch or accessories express how you feel inside and, in return, influence your decision making and switch on your creative button. Here are the five best selling silver watches that can give you that powerful essentials.

Silver Marcasite Watch Jewelry Collection

Our Marcasite watch collection is heavily influenced by timeless fashion. It’s a collection which is crafted with flair of antiquity and modernism. A special event is not special unless you have the right adornment to wear to it. It’s the perfect embellishment to complete your outfit.

Made of fine and delicate gemstones, our watches not only scream sophistication, and they are fairly affordable. With our wide range of different and uniquely designed watches, you will fall in love with each and every single of our timepieces. A watch is a timeless symbol of elegance and personality. Our watch collection will bedazzle your outfit, your lifestyle and your inspiration! And the best part is that our range is inclusive of both genders so we’ve got you both covered! Here is our first best seller for elegance appeal.

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Modern Watches for Women

A watch which is fashionable and glamorous can express a woman’s personal taste and style. Whether you’re looking for a memorable Valentines gift to give your loved one or a token of appreciation for your man, we’re here to make your event memorable! Hong Factory should be your one stop solution to satisfy all your jewelry needs.

Women love to be spoiled with those sentimental words how you feel about her. What could be the best sentimental gift that remind her that every single day and convey the incredible love message to your loved one. The best answer is a watch since she will surely check the time throughout her day. Encompassed in a stunning silver watch is a beautiful daily reminder of your special thoughts and the wonderful time you’ve both spent together. Our second best-seller is the symbol of affection and care.

Vintage Silver Watch

You can never go wrong with a Silver vintage watch. The huge Sterling Silver variety we offer at Hong Factory is not to be missed. Whether you’re a woman who loves to stand out, or someone who likes to shine with a hint of intricacy, our range of strikingly beautiful 925 Sterling silver timepieces will definitely make you gleam with sophistication. In our timeless timepieces, the intricate craftsmanship of distinct styles and use of pure Swiss marcasite stones and other precious stones is very noticeable. Whether you want to dress classy or glamorous, our best sellers, La Flamme, Panthere, Square and Jubilee have got you covered. Now, here is the third best seller which represents the symbol of timeless and intricacy.

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Ladies Silver Watches

A marcasite watch is an exclusive blend of luxurious gemstones and fine jewelry. Hong Factory is currently home to over 300 marcasite watches. A watch is such a staple to your lifestyle that an outfit is incomplete without it and an occasion isn’t special without it. With a collection of 300 elegant marcasite watches inspired by dainty Victorian flairs with an added touch of femininity and exquisiteness, we have every kind of watch you can dream of. An outfit is incomplete without it. An occasion isn’t special without it. Our marcasite watches are an epitome of a woman’s personality. Not only will the marcasite gemstones on our watches give your loved one a sense of confidence, it will also make her feel luxurious and beautiful. As in our 4th best seller which signifies style and grace.

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Silver Watches for Men

The Premier is a handmade timepiece featuring a Sterling Silver case with layers of marcasite, integrated with Japan quartz movement and stainless steel cover back. Roman numerals, silver sunray dial and sword hands that point at 3 o’clock add a touch of classiness to the watch. The blend of black onyx and marcasite layers will definitely make a statement no matter what the occasion or place is. It will definitely add a certain edge to your style. If you love styling your man and want to show him your love and affection, then you cannot miss out on getting him The Premier. This elegant and sophisticated bracelet watch can be a perfect gift for him.

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Japan Quartz Watch

Powered by a high functioning oscillator, a quartz watch is integrated with quartz crystal. The current causes the quartz to move with an accurate frequency, which then releases power through an integrated circuit board causing the watch hands to move. Our Sterling Silver watches like La Flamme, Jubilee and The Premier are equipped with a high functioning Japanese quartz movement. Our intricate marcasite watches come in different sized cases as well. The round cases are water resistant at 5 ATM per 50m and our oval and square cases are water resistant at 3 ATM per 30 m. Most of our watches are rain resistant and great for everyday use!

What Do the Details Show?

Our Marcasite Silver watch collection has this sophisticated timepiece which already has a lot of fans. Whether it’s an important event or a really special birthday present, our customized and sophisticated Sterling Silver quartz is a go-to. Choose your timepieces with care. They do more than send message to others, they actually represent the feeling and judgement you have inside about yourself. Show off the world with distinctive style and positive attitude.

Explore Hong Factory’s silver watch collection today for exceptional timepieces
that offer unique design and exquisite craftsmanship.


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