Is the Blue Nile a profitable place to buy

Mark Vadon founded the Blue Nile in the year 1999. He had been trying to purchase a wedding ring for his fiance, was experiencing a particular sickness and became exhausted due to the limited options available. He later bought the engagement ring online and proceeded to bargain a deal with the seller that led to the founding of his online diamond-trading venture.

To stand out from other diamond retailing businesses, Vadon took diamonds to be another gem. His company aimed to sell diamonds at very affordable prices, providing transparency and finesse customer services
.By May 2004, Blue Nile went public, putting shoppers minds at rest whenever they trade in the company as it was now legitimate, and they didn’t have to bother about that factor anymore.

The venture has centred on having offices worldwide and now does business in several countries in the world. Not only that, but the Blue Nile has also started putting up showrooms, they refer to as Web-rooms, all over the US, offering shoppers the privilege to see and connect with a significant number of ring styles.

Is the Blue Nile a profitable place to buy

Blue Nile

Blue Nile Prices Review: Do They Sell Very Cheap Diamonds?

It is a common trend on the internet to find blogs stating that the Blue Nile is the most cost-effective place to buy your diamond; despite the truth to their claim, in some instances, it’s not always the case often.
In 1999, the company had a sporadic idea; they were leading the entire diamond industry, and for a period, spearheaded the diamond acquisition space online, and we’re offering prices which can not be compared with that of any retailer at that time – but this was their initial level of performance. These days, you can find many top quality and highly reputable online diamond websites that can stand side-by-side with the Blue Nile in terms of price and exceed them with the available features.

Blue Nile

Why buy Diamond from the Blue Nile

Large online inventory of diamonds: The company has more than 140,000 loose diamonds on its directory. Prices range from a couple of hundred dollars for a little 1/4 carat stone to over 20-carat extra large rocks.
The Blue Nile acquired this huge inventory by signing premium deals with diamond wholesalers around the world.

Price match guarantee: Blue Nile assures its customers the lowest diamond prices as well. If you find a similar certified stone at that cost, Blue Nile will match up the price. Stones inspected in person: the Blue Nile no more services their customers based on a drop-ship business structure. Each diamond must be checked first by authorized gemologists before being set and delivered to your home or destination. It gives more guarantee that you’re getting the suitable stone.

Hassle-free sourcing: Each of the company’s diamonds is obtained through conflict-free sources. The Blue Nile operates according to the Kimberley Process, an international system of monitoring diamonds from the mine to the point of sale to preserve the originality of the diamond. For those who want the most sustainable option, check out Brilliant Earth. Their mode of operation exceeds the Kimberley Process employed when sourcing the most legal and environmentally safe diamonds.

What does the Blue Nile offer?

Blue Nile

Loose diamonds:

Get diamonds of all qualities, sizes and shapes. Each of Blue Nile’s more than 140,000 available diamonds features a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) grading report – the two most revered labs in the diamond industry.

Engagement ring settings:

Choose from more than 400 white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. For instance, if you want to buy a ring or pendant, you can employ Blue Nile’s’Build Your Own’ tool to orchestrate any setting you want.

Wedding bands:

Men and women’s engagement rings are available in both traditional and distinct styles. They even provide men’s wedding bands in optional materials such as tungsten, cobalt, and titanium.

Astor By Blue Nile™:

This is Blue Nile’s signature line of their highest quality diamonds. These super ideal diamonds are cut in the most precise angles and proportions to give off maximum brilliance.
Pearls: The company offers pearl jewellery of four different classes of pearls: Tahitian, Akoya, South Sea, and Freshwater. Their website gives a detailed review of every variety and what differentiates them.

Beautifully coloured diamonds:

Would you like a little colour? Each of the company’s brightly coloured diamonds is pure, having no artificial enhancements. These fancy stones are savoured for their depth and colour. You can read more about them on Blue Nile’s education page on what makes these gems unique.

Designer jewellery and rings:

To get an item that is a bit more special, you can pick jewellery made by designers, including the well-known bridal designer Monique Lhuillier and Zac Posen. You will find their line of Blue Nile Studio designer rings.

Who Will Gain The Most Benefit from the Blue Nile?

Blue Nile

While many people choose the James Allen shopping experience over the Blue Nile, the latter still retains a large audience, as a result, of their collections. Its reputation makes many people prefer to purchase items at the Blue Nile to benefit from low budget shopping. The company’s diamonds have varying features that are very recognizable; as we stated earlier, it’s normal for you to get cheap diamonds from various sellers.

Several shoppers also want to buy other items apart from diamonds, like fine jewellery, pearls or gemstones; the Blue Nile may be a beautiful place to get this type of material, they provide a vast collection with various prices according to your budget (we will outline the kind of diamonds/gemstones they sell below).

One remarkable thing about the company is that they provide diamonds and wedding rings according to who set them. Hence, they have a space for some famous names in the Diamonds Designing Industry, which is a remarkable feature that a few customers may benefit from.

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