How to store your jewellery safely at home

There are many ways to store jewellery, but are you aware that a few of them are dangerous? The choicest way to keep jewellery is based on several factors like jewellery, materials used, and the selling price of the jewellery. In a few instances cases, how you keep your jewellery is a personal decision. Do you like to see your jewellery within reach or keep it where it is a bit hidden? Do you remove your jewellery in your bedroom or the bathhouse? Irrespective of your preference, there are some tips you have to put in mind while protecting your piece.

How to store your jewellery safely at home

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Low humidity levels and ensure a constant temperature.

High humidity is the main factor that revs up the diminishing process of jewellery. If you stay in a wet region, you might realize that your jewellery tarnishes quickly during the summer months. Try to fix a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the room where you keep your jewellery. You can source silica packets for your jewellery box as well to take in the moisture leftover. Next, look for a place in your home that has a constant temperature. For instance, don’t store your jewellery set just above a heat expulsion hole—the more stable the temperature, the better for you. Try to place your jewellery boxes in an interior space that is always cool and dark. You can also suspend your jewellery collection within the inner parts of a closet door.

Keep valuable jewellery in a dry, dark area.

Silver jewellery is most appropriately stored in a jewellery box whose inside is made with felt. This material assists with the absorption of excess moisture and prevents early wearing out. It might be advisable to store them aside wrapped in a silver polishing cloth or in a felt pouch to reduce its exposure to the surrounding air for a few big pieces. In an instance like this, you have to look at what you have and make a conscious decision to wear it. Even when stored properly, silver jewellery still needs consistent polishing a minimum of two times a year to blurt out tarnish. Don’t polish the silver jewellery too much as it can also destroy the jewellery.

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Fine jewellery is advisable to be placed in a safe area not to be a victim of theft. It’s also crucial to keep fine jewellery off direct rays of the sun because some stones can lose their properties from prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet light. Not every fine piece of jewellery has to be put aside. Earmark a spot on your nightstand or dresser where you can set the jewellery you put on daily, like your diamond studs or wedding rings. Get used to always setting your jewellery aside at that exact spot, so the possibility of it going missing is brought to a minimum.

Use a Jewelry Box that has a Delicate Lining.

There are so many wooden jewellery and hard plastic setters in the World, but when it comes to fine jewellery, look for a jewellery box with soft fabric lining. In this case, if you place your jewellery in it before the expected time after the day’s activities, you wouldn’t be at risk of damaging your metal or precious stones.

Keep Clean Jewelry in a Neat Area

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See that the jewellery box you choose has adequate space to hold each jewellery piece without lining on itself. Stacks of jewellery are somewhat a nightmare to arrange. This method is for every kind of jewellery but particularly for gold-filled jewellery, silver and costume. What you wouldn’t want to do is to keep a corroded green piece of copper jewellery you bought from an auction sale with your grandmother’s valuable collection. It will not only transfer a corroded, musty stink to your other pieces, but it might also make other jewellery of yours tarnish quickly and even end up corroded too. Even if your jewellery is neat and you place it in a dusty, dirty metal box, there is a probability that your jewellery will embody the dinginess and stink of the surrounding. Clean up your jewellery box, and ensure that the area is dry, clean, and smells nice.

Keep Your Diamonds and Gemstones Separately

Diamonds have a grade of 10 on the Mohs scale; hence, it is the hardest precious stone in the market. That indicates that diamonds can scratch any material whose rank is less than it is on the Mohs scale.
This concept applies to other precious stones as well. You want to ensure that your sapphires are with a rank of 9 on the Mohs scale is kept separately from the diamond and any other gemstones that ranks beneath it. In simple terms, your gemstone jewellery must not be stored as large piles in a drawer but instead tidily and well set in a tray or any separator like a single zip-lock bag.

Stack Jewelry you usually wear in an exposed area.

Costume jewellery usually is safe to store where you can see it; thus, you can keep such pieces on jewellery display furniture. Some professionals suggest you store it in plain sight, so you always remember the jewellery, and you’re more likely to put it on. There is less likely that you’ll choose to look in your jewellery box in the morning when you’re preparing for work. Yet, if you want to keep costume jewellery for a more extended period, take to the rules you would apply if it were fine jewellery. If you can, make sure this jewellery doesn’t touch the inside of the jewellery box and ensure it has low humidity and a constant temperature.

Use Hooks to Stack Necklaces

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Many jewellery armoires come with doors on either side with hooks used to hang necklaces. It would help if you stored your pieces turned facing up to prevent them from knotting and kinking. If you don’t own a jewellery armoire, make use of a DIY solution. Find an antique frame and add a corkboard. Set push-pins as the “hooks” for hanging your necklaces as well as tennis bracelets. If you choose to work with a jewellery stand, ensure that the frame is high enough so your necklaces won’t touch the floor.

Keep Fine Jewelry in a Safe Spot

At times, you’ll find it difficult to stack your jewellery to stall damage and theft too. At the same time, you want to keep your jewellery in the right, arranged and dry spot but for the other, and you’d like it placed in a secure safe. Select your highly-priced items and set them on drawers lined with velvet inside a locked, hidden area. For each of your precious jewellery, make sure that it is insured by jewellery insurance.

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