Guide to buying a Yellow Diamond

When referring to the charming colors of diamonds, yellow diamond is said to be one of the most beautiful colors of diamonds. Similarly, they bring an attractive appearance than the usually colorless diamond, which seems to look clearer and more transparent. Furthermore, normal colorless diamonds are usually vulnerable to a yellow hue, which depicts a negative quality; moreover, the colorless diamonds are more expensive than the yellow diamond when the cost is to be considered.

However, indeed, diamonds occur naturally, but they can also be produced artificially in the laboratory, and yellow diamonds are subject to these two occurrences of diamonds. The yellow color diamond gets its beauty from the small part of nitrogen that is laid down in its structures, when the color gets to a point where yellow dominates, the value of the diamond begins to rise again as a fancy yellow colored diamond.

The fancy yellow diamond can have relative shades of other colors as well, such as orange or brown, but the most preferred and valuable sets of yellow diamonds are those that have a pure, intense yellow color which is normally referred to as Canary Diamonds or Canary Yellow Diamonds. However, the implication of the name canary diamond is from the resemblance of the diamond to a canary bird. They are the most expensive type of yellow diamonds as the demand for ownership of the diamond is vis high.

Guide to buying a Yellow Diamond

Origin of Yellow Diamonds

As earlier mentioned, yellow diamonds derive their unique color from the presence of nitrogen that is in their structure. The impact of the nitrogen in the structure is that it absorbs blue light, thus giving the rock a yellow shade. Depending on the amount of nitrogen, a yellow diamond could range from light to dark, but the amount of the different chemicals present can also lead to the formation of other colors, such as the common brown or orange tint found with yellow diamonds, which is common in the natural process.

Four C’s of Yellow Diamond

The four C’s used in the yellow diamond are as follows


Color is seen as one of the most important attributes of evaluating a fancy colored diamond as the cut is also to a colorless diamond. Examples of these colors are hue, tone, and saturation, which are the main three constituent components of the color.

However, secondary green or orange hues may be present in yellow diamonds, and these will help in increasing the price of the diamond, but in most cases, orange hues are preferable, doe green hues occur more commonly. They can impart a murky appearance to the stone.


Clarity is considered an important quality for both the colored and the uncolored diamonds due to the ability of diamonds for being able to hide their flaws. These flaws can easily be noticeable or seen in a transparent Diamond than a yellow diamond. Also, with some colored diamonds being so rare, there would be no gem-worthy diamonds at all if the market were picky about inclusions.

The criteria involved when buying a yellow diamond is just to ensure that your yellow diamond is eye-clean, having no visible inclusions. There may be inclusions in the diamond, but as long as they can’t be noticed, then it isn’t a problem.


The radiant cut is the preferred cut for yellow diamonds in which the depth of the cut can enhance diamonds with lighter colors and fashion out more beauty on gems that are already beautiful in color. The cut also goes a long way to reduce color in the less common gem. However, going through property reports on the various brilliant-cut can help to give a proper and adequate assessment of the quality of the gem.


Even doe found rare in large sizes, yellow diamonds are more common than most fancy colored diamonds. However, the price of a diamond is basically on the weight in which the diamond falls, and the prices per carat jump at these boundaries. For example, a 0.99-ct diamond will be available at a discount compared to a 1.00-ct diamond of the same quality.

How to Choose the Best Setting for Your Yellow Diamond

When buying a ring that has a yellow diamond, it is necessary to consider the metal that is used in the setting of the ring. Yellow diamonds provide ease on either the contrast or complementing when it comes to color. There are several engagement ring settings with different types of metal settings and different relative colors, which include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum or white gold is usually a nice blend of color with the vivid canary yellow diamond.

Ring style setting in yellow diamonds

Style 1: Halo setting

The ring arrangement pattern of the halo setting helps to make the diamond be viewed very large, more often when there are two layers of surrounding stones.

Style 2: Pavé setting

The pavé setting ring style gives an extra sparkle to the ring if the diamonds in the ring are placed on the sides. Therefore, white stones can be used on the sides to match the yellow diamond stone, or the same stones can still be used in line with the one at the center.

Style 3: Side stones setting

To be able to flaunt your yellow diamond, a side stone setting is preferred. The stones can be round brilliants, triangle-shaped, or any design that matches your style.

What Are Synthetic Yellow Diamonds?

When desired to own a yellow diamond but your funds are not sufficient for the purchase, then one is advised to choose a synthetic yellow diamond. However, your thoughts and question maybe if synthetic is original Diamonds? First of all, let me clarify that synthetic diamonds are not FAKE diamonds, as many shoppers so wrongly believe. They are artificial yellow diamonds that are created in the laboratory as opposed to natural diamonds created through natural processes.


Apart from the financial constraint, synthetic diamonds are recommended for the fact that they are created in laboratories, so, therefore, no harm is caused to the environment using soil pollution or excessive emission of carbon and other greenhouse gases as in the case of naturally occurring diamonds. However, these are the few guidelines when trying to purchase the yellow Diamond ring.

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