How can I clean my Diamond Engagement ring at home?

There are some things more exciting than seeing your diamond wedding ring glitter and jingle in the light after it has been neatly clean and polished, and it will only be your natural desire to choose to keep that sparkle. And even though you can take it to a jeweler anytime for proper cleaning, it’s good to know how you can also clean the ring yourself. Consistent at-home cleanings will preserve your ring’s bling in the most reliable way when you tend it professionally. clean my Diamond

Wear builds up layers of debris, oil, and cosmetic remnants daily on the stone’s exterior. Dirty rings are fertile ground for bacteria that can discolor metals, skin irritation, and leaves marks on the stones. So having an idea of how to care for your wedding ring by yourself is necessary always to look the best possible and free from germs. Bear in mind that home cleanings do not mean you should stop going to your jeweler.

How can I clean my Diamond Engagement ring at home?

How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?

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To ensure that your ring is always in its best look, endeavor to clean it every week. With that, building up and dirt will be taken off. At least twice a year, however, it’s nice to take your piece to be cleaned by a professional—even if you can increase the sequence as your ring wound has wide open to a significant amount of debris. “If you often work outside your home or in the kitchen and you find a challenging, clogged surface of dirt or oil, it’s advisable to clean it up at the jeweler’s place with high-grade products that can safely restore the vibrance of the stone. clean my Diamond

How to Care For Your Diamond Ring

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Rings can become dirty from several factors, such as cosmetics, which is the most common one. Makeup, cream, as well as perfume can all make your diamond wedding ring appear blurry. To restore your ring’s beauty and make it bling as if it’s brand new once more, fill a container with warm or hot water, put washing up liquid in it, and allow the diamond ring to stay for 20 to 40 minutes. clean my Diamond

Soap and water

The choicest way to care for a diamond ring, irrespective of your ring’s setting and metal property, is to use ordinary soap and water. Look for a small bowl and pour hot water and regular dishwashing soap into it to prepare the mixture. Let your ring sit for like 20 to 40 minutes based on how dirty it is. If there’s a need to take out substances such as perfume, hairspray, makeup or, lotion, do so with a very soft toothbrush to expel any residue. clean my Diamond

Rinse the diamond with warm running water and repeat if need be. Chlorine or any harsh chemical, even some professional jewelry cleaners, can spoil the wedding ring. It would help if you rinsed the ring properly after cleaning to take out any soap remnant. clean my Diamond

Non-ABRASIVE and Chemical-Free Liquids

It would help if you did research anytime you want to buy a jewelry polisher or cleaner. If you find any chemical in the liquid, your diamond ring can change color or become void of durability. Sparkle Bright is a well-acclaimed jewelry cleaner that polishes and brings rings back to their previous state regardless of their metal type. clean my Diamond


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Brush the stones using the bristle of a mildly-bristled toothbrush. The choicest ones to use would be those that have no rubber bristles. Often, kids’ toothbrushes are softer, making them the best fit for cleaning diamond engagement rings. clean my Diamond

Set this toothbrush apart from any other and use it only when you want to care for your jewelry. Doing this will ensure that it stays soft and neat for extended periods. See that you brush the lower part of the ring as a considerable amount of dirt can gather at the base of the piece on which the diamond is going up. Try not to wear it .every day. clean my Diamond

To keep the ring sparkling, it is also important not to clean your diamond every day; it should be only once in a while. It’s not that your diamond engagement ring must always look its ‘best, but Rachael advises that you assess how and which occasions do you wear it. “The basics to caring for your diamond ring and making sure it looks shiny and elegant for an extended period is to hold it with respect. clean my Diamond


Most procedures we’ve seen presented on the internet are so abrasive and will later destroy your engagement ring. To stop this from happening, avoid the following: clean my Diamond

Dangerous ring cleanser liquids:

There are various traditional cleaning products many people consider to be ideal for cleaning diamond engagement rings, but they, in essence, can be somewhat harmful. Chlorine bleach, abrasives (like baking soda or toothpaste) or, acetone must never touch the surface of your jewelry. It can damage a few of the metals in it, while gold and abrasives can scratch the metal and the diamond ring. clean my Diamond

Ultrasonic Cleanser:

Though this cleanser works admirably when compacted dirt on the engagement ring, it can do much damage. Ultrasonic cleaners make use of vibrations. They employ cavitation bubbles created by low-frequency sound waves to excite a solution. It will thoroughly take out any debris, and it can also weaken any loose stones on your ring and make them fall off. clean my Diamond

Don’t use abrasive cleaners.

You will find so many Diamond ring cleaning tutorials on the internet, but you shouldn’t take them at heart (except they instruct you to make use of vinegar). Any other thing like beer to ketchup is considered a ring cleaner, but stronger or quirkier, of course, doesn’t mean more effective results in terms of offering your ring a new breath of life. Stay far away from toothpaste, acetone, baking powder, household cleaning solutions, and of course, bleach. Potent cleansing agents might spoil your ring, reducing its value and rendering its settings loose. clean my Diamond


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It can also recommend that you care for your diamond ring before storing it for safety. it will prevent any debris or dirt from getting attached to the setting, making it more challenging to take out later. You have to keep your diamond ring in a bag or microfibre. Put it away in your jewelry box till there is a need for you to wear it again. clean my Diamond

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