How to pack Jewelry

How to Pack Jewelry and Ship Jewelry

How to Pack Jewelry and Ship Jewelry when selling jewelry online

How to pack Jewelry Safely? One must be careful while packing Jewelry and handle shipping jewelry properly when you are selling online. If you do not pack the jewelry items in a proper way, the chances of damage may increase. All of your effort on creative website design, marketing budget, and friendly service will be worthless if customers get a damaged product. There are several major reasons behind why the company should spend lots of time in planning and designing on your package. Further, it is the most important touch point that the company can create a memorable brand experience and this can lead to more repeated sales and customer loyalty.  Here are our tips on how to pack jewelry safely.

What are the things to use for secure shipping?
Boxes of different sizes
Cushioning material
Bubble wrapper
Tape to pack the box
How to pack jewelry?

Here, we will give you some interesting tips that will help you in packing the jewelry in a proper way. Our tips will also help in successful shipping jewelry.

Use a separate plastic bag to pack the Jewelry

It is always preferable to pack the Jewelry in a separate plastic bag. Plastic bag or a bubble wrapper will protect the jewelry from scratches. When the customer will get his order, he will become fully pleased because he will get totally new Jewelry items that will be free from any kind of scratches and damage. Don’t lose the trust of your customers. All these techniques are simple and you must add them in your packaging techniques if you want your Jewelry brand to gain admiration from customer.

Create Branded Packaging Experience

You should wrap the jewelry in bubble wrapper to prevent it from any kind of damage and scratch. Firstly pack your jewelry plastic bag in organza pack, then place the receipt in it, then wrap the jewelry with bubble wrappers and do the final wrap with nice tissue paper wrapping with ribbon. All these precautionary measures are important and will keep your Jewelry safe.

“The first impression is the last impression”

Always try to put the best impression of your jewelry package in the mind of customer. If the customer will get the jewelry in the best possible packaging, he will be inspired and will also appreciate your efforts. This is the important touch point that you can make your brand more memorable. The positive feedback of a customer can increase the ranking of your brand.

The loyalty of the customer will increase when he will get his product in the best condition. It can also give several opportunities for branding. Try to inspire your customer with a unique and totally different way of packing.

Use Scissors and adhesive tape

We suggest you to use scissors and adhesive tape to make sure that your box is tightly packed and your jewelry is safe now. This step is helpful for securing and sealing of your box. Before the shipping, you must make sure, your box is fully packed and your jewelry will reach the destination safe and sound.

Always prefer cardboard boxes

We suggest you to use cardboard boxes for shipping Jewelry instead of using a bubble mailer. The chances of scratches and damage of jewelry in the box are less in cardboard box as compared to a bubble mailer. If you place the jewelry in a bubble mailer, jewelry can get damaged if somehow the bubble mailer will get weight on it.

We suggest you to first pack the jewelry in the bubble wrapper and then place it in the cardboard box. You have another option also; you can use double-box packing of different sizes. One box should be smaller in size. Place the jewelry in the smaller size box. Then place this smaller box in the big one filled with loose-fill peanuts to provide enough cushion to protect the box from crush or dropping.

Try to pack the Jewelry tightly

Always try to pack your Jewelry tightly. After packing, check the package by shaking the box, there should be no movement inside the box if you want to keep your jewelry safe. Always try to deliver the jewelry at the destination with safety and security. Try to avoid any kind of damage while the shipping jewelry.

Always choose the right courier service

This step is so important. There are a lot of courier options for you. We suggest you to must choose the best courier service even though you should spend more money on it. The best courier service will guarantee to keep your jewelry safe. They will take care of your product and will try to reach it at the destination without any damage.

These all are the packing techniques that we utilize to keep the jewelry from any kind of damage. This article also outlines effective packaging can create a memorable brand experience and keep your brand top of mind.  Eventually, it will definitely help your corporate in successfully build customer trust and loyalty.

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