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Winter Jewelry Trend 2019

6 Ways to Pull off the Fall / Winter Jewelry Trend 2019

Winter is around the corner, and before long, preparations will be in full swing to accommodate the new season. Jewelry Trend If you want to have a compelling appearance in this coming season and beyond, there cannot be a better time to update your wardrobe than now. Topping it all off with the perfect jewelry is key to the look, as it was on the runways of Fall/Winter 2019-2020. We have nailed 6 perfect Fall/Winter jewelry trends you can effortlessly try out and the cloths that blend perfectly with them.

From classic Parisian jewelry with cameo rings and pearls to the punk wave with oversized chain link necklaces, glittering rhinestone earrings and neon bursts of color, here are the top 2019 jewelry trends to embrace for fall/winter. Get a head-start on the most appealing accessories of your fall wardrobe. Stay on this page to see the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are sure to become a must-have for anyone who wants to look awesome within the coming months.

Let’s get down to the 6 must-have jewelry trends…

1. Pearl

The pearl hitting the catwalks with a modern twist to delicacy. This season, there was a sense of daring in the air, which inspired bold reinventions of the Parisian staples. At Hong Factory, our pearl necklace was embellished with metallic marcasite mineral. Also, pearls earring can be worn asymmetrically, and the cameo resurfaced in chic, fine silver. No matter if you consider your style classic or edgy, every woman needs pearl ornaments to style for this season.

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2. Chainlink Necklaces

An emphasis on the fall/winter 2019 has brought the chainlink necklace back into the conversation—making a more dramatic return on oversized, wild multi-chains. Chain link necklaces are always at top of the list of best clothing accessories for people with a taste for bold statements. Fit in your star pendant on this statement-making necklace to have that fascinating appearance you have always desired.

Winter Jewelry Trend 2019 006

3. Statement Earrings

Whether it is thick hoops or chunky drops, statement earrings certainly make a big statement of top-class about your outfit. It is certainly the best earring to wear for the Fall/Winter season. It has a mix of a playful and polished theme, the perfect jewelry trend to be worn at work with simple pants and sweater. If you want to be a bit more wild on casual days, you can opt for the faux-leather pants.

Winter Jewelry Trend 2019 007

4. Chunky Rings

Regardless of your outfit, everyone loves a piece of classy cocktail rings. And with the fall/winter season, there won’t be a better time to slip on those chunky rings. From statement-making sculptural shapes to big bubble style, you can never go wrong with a piece of chunky ring. Dare to make that extra-bold statement with tall boots and some wardrobe-essentials.

Winter Jewelry Trend 2019 008

5. Layered Necklaces

When it has to do with the Fall/Winter jewelry trend, layering is the way to go, and with necklaces, layering can’t get any better. From the coins of antiquity to pendant, to liquid-gold chains, the punk infused, the more contrasting the layered necklace, the better it looks on you. Personalize your style with this assorted jewelry trend, and do not forget to add layers to your style at different lengths.

Winter Jewelry Trend 2019 009

6. Dramatic Brooches

Whatever the persona is, or whatever, the occasion, brooches are dramatic enough to cover it. Whether is a quirk, shiny, modern, vintage, bold, delicate, subtle, soft, hard, colorful, neutral, chunky, abstract or casual, you have a wide range of choice to make to suit whatever persona. Brooches have a playful theme about them and this is why they are the perfect jewelry trend that represents fun.

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