cheap jewelry that looks expensive

Cheap jewelry that looks expensive

Jewelry Tips : How to Choose Cheap jewelry that looks expensive

Read our 8 tips to look luxurious on the go with affordable jewelry brands. Cheap jewelry that looks expensive Have you ever wondered why some women can achieve effortless luxurious style without expensive items? If you want to take your accessories style to the next level, some of our tips may inspire you to enjoy the fun of dressing up with jewelry. Some tips can help you to avoid jewelry which appears cheap or make you look aging. The simple tips are here for you to be selective.

You don’t need to spend for expensive or brand-name jewelry. Learn to find and search for affordable jewelry brands, which look expensive. These hacks will save you the trouble and create the effortless style every time you step out of the house. Here are some of the ideas to help you move away from cheap jewelry to luxury items without significant changes in the prices. Affordable jewelry can look classy and luxurious if you find the right place and have the right criteria to search for them.

1. Avoid the Childish Jewelry

If you are still sticking onto childish jewelry with low cost material, you cannot achieve the luxury look. The combination of the ‘kids at heart’ design and the cheap material can never create the grown-up girl image. For this reason, you need to lose ‘kids at heart’ designs from your closet. Avoid toy designs, fantasy creatures or favorite cartoon images. If you want luxury, look for either intricate details or classic minimal decorations, which appear grown up.

2. Be Cautious with Beaded Necklace

There is no need for spending fortune on a luxury item, which resembles one that has been made at home. In the end, jewelry consists of plastic beads on a piece of strings can only create cheap look. They are all beads on strings everywhere so avoid the beaded necklaces if you are in your twenties or thirties. In fact, some fashion designers recommend young women to stay away from beads completely. If you have to use them, avoid glass and plastic material. Opt for semi-precious stones to turn the image of your beaded jewelry.

3. Fewer Better Things

If you were used to stocking up bright bold and fast fashion earring to keep up with all multiple trends, it is time to quit spotting them. A good alternative would be quality earrings with clean lines which are more versatile and could stay in your wardrobe for longer time. The cheap fast fashion earring from colorful stud crystal to statement sequin or bead earring can look cheerful and instantly bright up your outfit. But they won’t last long for after this season and sensitive ears will feel irritate from cheap metal. Smart shoppers will look for “fewer better things”. Buying jewelry habits, therefore need to change from heaps of fast fashion jewelry to a few well-made jewelry.

4. Bright and Shiny Metals

Most of the cheap and easily available jewelry is often made of inexpensive alloys. Some even use brass, which is coated to appear like valued metal. Eventually, the coat peels away to reveal an ugly feature. For example, polished metals such as silver, and gold may appear shiny but not as much as the fake ones. You should, therefore, select the darker metals as opposed to the brightly-colored options. Richness is evident in darker tones to add weight to an item, making it look more expensive.

5. The Weight does Matter

Heavy metals naturally feel and look valuable compared to others. Both precious metal and natural gemstones come with some weight. A statement dangle pendant, but flopping around always easily appears cheap. The weight should match its size and material. It is not easy to fool people with the weight of the jewelry as its weight defines the way it hangs on your body. Whenever the movement is not right, it is easy to detect fake pieces.

6. Craftsmanship Always Count

When you look closer to the work, good craftsmanship can convey the message. The prong or bezel is solid, symmetry and well round-shape. The gemstone is even, not loosen. The clasps and closures should be sturdy and secure. When you see irregularities, bumps or soldering mark, the metal is not equally polished or the enamel does not meet the metal, they are signs for poor work and cheap jewelry.

7. Pick Semi-Precious Stone Over the Fake Stone

Some fake items like plastic crystal cannot look like diamond, or red glass cannot look close to natural ruby. Imitations, which are super-bright should be avoided if you want to spot luxury. If, however, you insist on large stones, you can get the glamorous pieces by purchasing semi-precious stones as opposed to the shiny plastic crystals. In the end, a piece of quartz or polished granite appears more sophisticated compared to a huge fake crystal.

8. Explore what kind of jewelry compliment your body and outfit style

Learning about your body part and experiment which jewelry best suits your body part. The right type of jewelry will help you to glam up the style game. The more you explore, the better the style game you become. Statement pieces can bring attention to your body part and light-weight pieces may take attention away from certain area. Search for different kinds of earring to flatter your face shape, what metal type or gemstone match your skin tone. Have fun exploring yourself and find the style that truly reflects your personality.

Affordable jewelry are available if you want to maintain a luxurious look. There are many affordable jewelry brands where you can find a good solution to your jewelry. Buying jewelry does not have to be a difficult task anymore.
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