The Best Earring Style and Hairstyle to Match Your Face Shape 01

The Best Earring Style

The Best Earring Style and Hairstyle to Match Your Face Shape

This Jewelry Tips on how to choose The Best Earring style for a flawless total look. Earrings and hairstyles have a deep connection when it comes to making your overall look outstanding. If you are thinking about how is it even possible, we’ll tell you how. There are different types of earrings for different types of hairstyles that would actually suit you. Another important factor for these both is your facial structure. If you would like to know what suits you the best according to your face shape, keeping reading ahead.

Here’s A Chart for Identifying Your Face Shape:

With all these different kinds of facial structures, you can now choose which type of hairstyles would suit your face and then you’ll know which types of earrings will go best on you.

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Jewelry Tips:  Which Hairstyle Look Best for Your Face Shape:

With this chart of jewelry tips, you can now choose the type of hairstyle that you want to keep with your facial structure along with some examples of famous Hollywood stars that have a face shape like yours with suitable hairstyles.

Jewelry Tips The Best Earring Style and Hairstyle to Match Your Face Shape 2

Jewelry Tips: Which Earring Style Will Go Best for You:

After deciding on your facial structure and what hairstyles would suit your face, we can now move onto the earrings and how beautifully will they complement the hairstyles that you would want to wear on any occasion.

Jewelry Tips The Best Earring Style and Hairstyle to Match Your Face Shape


Before jumping onto this, here’s a guide on different types of earrings that you will commonly find everywhere to buy and you might even have them in your jewelry box: Stud Earring, Cluster Earring, Drop Earring, Dangle Earring, Chandelier Earring, Hoop Earring, Huggies Earring, Tassel Earring, and more.


Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Round Face:

Round faces are vibrant and have a healthy look. Yet, many women want to make their face appear leaner and longer.  This is the reason why choosing hairstyles are quite important to restore balance of this face shape. Earrings can also help elongate and flatter round shaped faces.


As you can see in the picture above, you can style your hair into a short layer cutting through cheeks, long hair either straight or slightly wavy.  For different look, sweeping updos and side swept long bang styles work well for adding height to face. The earrings, that you choose can either be drop earrings or long dangles, as long earrings will help to elongate your face.

Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Oval Face:

An oval face is often confused with round faces, but they are slightly longer than round faces. With this face shape, you tend to look good in every hairstyle, from a pixie cut, short messy curl, baby-cut bangs or side-swept bangs with low bun updos. The best earring shapes for your face are teardrops, and ovals which provide a soft complement to your face’s natural contour. Luckily, oval faces have incredible versatility in what they can wear, so have fun experimenting!


Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Triangle Face:

If you have a triangle face, then you’re lucky! Not many women have this facial structure which makes it quite unique, but confusing to style. You can go for long wavy shoulder layers, below chin bob or volumized up-do. The earrings that you should choose to style is one with the wider end at the bottom or modest hoop to restore the balance of your beauty.


Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Square Face:

Square faces are also unique facial structures that are not very common among women. For this face shape, you can go for any length of hair as long as you’re hiding your wide cheekbones to make your face look slimmer.  Side-swept bangs and shoulder-length hair can be good choices. For earrings, you look amazing in medium to long in length, and hoops will look wonderful, too. Earrings with rounded edges are also great choices because they help soften your face’s natural angles.


Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Rectangular Face:

Rectangular faces are also similar to square faces, just the elongated version. These face shapes are also known as ‘oblong’. To make the faces look a little shorter, you can add extra body on the sides, so waves and curls are a great choice.  Adding bangs can shorten the face and highlight your eyes. The earrings for this face shape can be stud and cluster of all kinds. For a different look, earrings with lots of volume work well as they help to draw the eye across your face horizontally.


Earring Styles and Hairstyles for Diamond Face:

The last one on the list is the diamond face. These facial structures are very rare to find, but if you have this, then go for chin length bob, side swept bangs. You may also want to show off your beautiful cheekbone and chin structure by tucking the hair behind your ears.  Earrings with more width than length, are a good choice. And also earring with curves and delicate drops can flatter your look.


To sum up, most of us end up wearing any random type of earrings with any hairstyles that we do, but this is wearing it all kills the beauty. A face shape also plays an important role in styling your hair and wearing earrings accordingly.


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