How to Stack Bracelets like a Pro 222

How to Stack Bracelets like a Pro

Ultimate Guide: How to Stack Bracelets like a Pro

With the current trend of layered look gaining prominence, we gather all techniques and advices on how to stack bracelets to turn you into the stacking expert. It is indeed quite fun to stack multiple bracelets on your wrist. It manages to add a certain zing and brightness to your whole look. However, many are often confused about how to stack bracelets. If this is the problem you have been facing, let us give you some guideline on how to stack bracelets with just the simple 12 steps.

The basic points to remember

Bracelet stacking is all about changing your look and appearing stylish. If you have a bunch of bracelets, consider the endless options you have in stacking as you rearrange the different pieces and make different pairs. The best thing is, stacking bracelet works excellent for all types of looks.

First of all, if you are curious about where to start with stacking bracelets, you need to begin by making a small collection. Buy multiple bracelets of different colors, textures, sizes and materials. You can then mix and match them with ease according to the occasion.

For instance, if you want an edgy look, you can stack leather bracelets with metal ones. If you are looking for a feminine look, you can stack the beaded bracelets with thin bangles.

There is no fixed rule when it comes to how to stack bracelets. It is more about understanding the look you want to pull off and using the right combination to complement that look.

How to stack bracelets01

The selection of focal point

Stacking bracelets need to start with a central point. Select the main piece and then choose the remaining bracelets according to it to get your desired look. The focal point is the piece on which you want the most attention.

Perhaps you have a favorite bracelet on which you want the focus, or maybe it is a piece that matches with your outfit perfectly. Select the focal bracelet, and you can arrange the remaining bracelets such that they complement it but do not overwhelm it. Keep in mind that any bracelet can be used as a focal point. However, you must ensure that it stands out in the stack.

How to stack bracelets02

Watch as a Focal Point

If you are habitual of wearing watches, the watch could be your focal point. Stacking bracelets according to the watch is quite a norm. If you want to pull off this sophisticated look, it is advisable to get one of those bracelet-style watches.

How to stack bracelets03

Leather as a Focal Point

You can also use the leather bracelet as the focal point if it is a casual look that you want to pull off. Leather bracelets are usually available in black, white or brown colors. They can be paired with any color of bracelets making stacking bracelets a whole lot easier.

How to stack bracelets04

Unified Bracelet Stack

Link bracelets are also considered quite trendy. You can add a metallic touch to your look with these. You can buy a bunch of link bracelets with varying styles and thickness and stack them together to get the perfect result. When all the bracelets complement each other so well, and no bracelet is standing out. You can create the whole stack as one unified bracelet set instead.

How to stack bracelets05

Negative Space

Start with one luxe negative space piece to be the focal point. It's not what you can see but what you can't this season. Our Roman numeral bangle is an elegant example of negative space that perfectly balances its exaggerated size with the space in between.

How to stack bracelets06

Use accents

When determining how to stack bracelets, you need to be careful while selecting the accent pieces to complement the anchor bracelet. It is vital to be creative while stacking bracelets. You cannot go wrong with stacking metal bangles together. However, you will find it interesting to get a little creative and mix things up.

How to stack bracelets07

Mixing is the key

Keep in mind that when it comes to stacking bracelets, there are no rules to abide by. Many people tend to have the misconception that bracelets of the same materials should be stacked together. This is far from reality. You can mix any texture and material to shake things up.

Thus, you can mix leather with beads and metal with gemstones. It is entirely your preference as to what combination you want to opt for.

How to stack bracelets08

Different Sizes

You can also bring a twist to your stack of bracelets by using different weight and widths to create dimension and texture. For instance. Stacking cuffs with multiple thin bracelets together gives you more variety and edgy look.

How to stack bracelets09

Chunky Combo

If you like the statement bracelets, don’t be afraid to match two bulky statement together. Mix and match with coordinating pieces for a unique jewelry set. It is recommended to use merely a couple of large pieces. You would not want your wrist to look too heavy.

How to stack bracelets10

Jewelry Creatures

Pick your favourite animal to be the central of attention. From wildlife creatures, birds, favorite pet, sea-life and reptile, our collection includes variety of animals i.e. dragon, lion, panther, peacock, elephant, dog and more. The coolest thing about these animal inspired jewels, not only are they eye catching, timeless pieces, they are all hand made with intricate details!

How to stack bracelets11

Get creative with colors

You can also make your stack of bracelets look more interesting by using different colors. You can create a beautiful monochromatic look by opting for bracelets belonging to the same color family. It would be great if you select a color that goes well with your attire and manages to stand out.

How to stack bracelets12

Jewel Tone Jewel Stone

If you want a colorful look, you can stack bracelets of different colors. However, ensure that the colors complement each other and suit your attire. You can go with any color combination you like. If you are unsure of which colors would go together, take a look at one of those outfits that have multiple colors. Such patterns will give you inspiration on what color combination would work for your bracelets. You can use nature and mood boards for inspiration of color combination as well.

How to stack bracelets13

The order needs to be given attention

Stacking bracelets is not merely about putting on multiple bracelets together. While trying to understand how to stack bracelets, you need to realize the importance of the order of these items. More often than not, you will need to experiment the order you should follow.

For instance, you can lay out all the bracelets you want to stack together on your dresser. Arrange them in the order you find appealing. Move around if the arrangement fails to bring your desired results. Try to get a balanced look while deciding on the order of the bracelets. Pay attention to the colors that would look good side by side and the metals that will go well together.

Take your time

You can start small with a couple of bracelets and increase more bracelets step by step. Use bracelets of similar style in the beginning. This will ensure that you get used to wearing multiple bracelets at the same time. With time, your creativity will kick in, and you will be more open to experimenting with more bracelets.

Be open to experiments

An essential rule in the lesson of how to stack bracelets is to be open to experimentations. Whenever we are trying anything new, we tend to experiment and take some time to figure things out. Stacking bracelets is no different. If you need the inspiration to unleash this creativity, the inspiration can be anywhere. You can use Pinterest for the purpose. Instead of copying the stacks that you saw online, eventually, you will turn to be creative and make your own combinations.

Do not overdo it

Getting carried away while stacking bracelets is easy. You seldom realize when you have way too many bracelets on your arm. There is no fixed number. It depends on the type bracelets and your comfort. It takes time to understand how many bracelets each arm should have. You would not want your jewelry to outshine your clothes. The idea is to ensure that the jewelry complements your whole attire. Therefore, balancing the accessories you wear is vital.

Complement your outfit

Make sure that your bracelets go well with your outfit. Once your stack is ready, wear them with your outfit. Sometimes it happens that while the stack looks great, it does not go well with the outfit, thus spoiling the whole look.

Value your comfort

The stacked bracelets should look beautiful without compromising on your comfort. Let us provide you with some basic rules. If you were stacking bracelets on both arms, it would be better if you use lighter pieces. Pay attention to the activities of the whole day and make sure that the bracelets would not be a burden in your work.


Furthermore, keep in mind that there is no fixed stack for everyone. It is up to you to decide what works for you. Therefore, put those pieces together that you think complements your style. Experiment and let your creativity take over. Make sure that you keep adding new pieces to your bracelet collections. This will ensure that you never run out of options for stacking bracelets.

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