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How to Wear Watch with Bracelet

Ultimate Guide: How to Wear Watch with Bracelet

Why wearing just one watch, when you can glam up your style if you know how to wear watch with bracelet. Not only people use timepieces to keep track of the time, but it also serves as a rich accessory. Apart from rings, and earrings, a luxury timepiece is a great thing to invest on. In fact, it is broadly accepted as statement making fashion item. Nowadays, both men and women prefer to wear watch as status symbol and fashion item. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to wear luxury watch with chich bracelet to create the stylish and sophisticated look.

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Type of Watch

Whatever the type of watch you choose to wear is going to decide which type of bracelet to sport on. The three improvements aspects you need to ponder over are:

  • Materials used to build the watch
  • Color of watch
  • Strap of the watch

If you want to wear a metal watch, you should make sure your bracelet has the same metal as the watch. When you accessorize this way, everything seems more connected, and effortless. On the contrary, if you wear a gold watch alongside with silver bracelet, you need to add an extra bracelet that has two tone of gold and silver to help blend the two accessories of different metals together.

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Blend the colour of the bracelet with the watch

While pairing bracelet with your watch, make sure the color of bracelet harmonize well with the watch. Find the matching metal and color for watch and bracelet set. It should result in somewhat effortless, and a natural look. After all, it’s the small color detailing that creates the big impact. Also, there are many ways to blend watch and bracelet together.

You can use monochromatic color or varying tones of only one color to accentuate a vibrant and minimal look. These shades go well together in a strategic way. This is where strap of watch comes in handy. By using collection of watch straps in various colors, you can mix and match your watch and bracelet to create the total different look of the wrist. For a more dramatic look, pairing the contrast color of both accessories can be a visually stand out.

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Amount of bracelets

Another most important concern is regarding amount of bracelets – that is how many bracelets should you wear at one time? Always look at the size of bracelet while wearing bracelets next to your watch. Avoid giving a busy wrist look. The bracelets shouldn’t be the centre of attraction. Instead, wear these to complement the watch.

If the bracelet has volume, pairing one bracelet that accents and supplements with your watch should be just a perfect fit. If your bracelets are thin and minimal, you can stack many smaller-sized bracelets alongside your timepiece on the same wrist. There are no rules of the right number of bracelets. However, make certain that these multiple thin bracelets won’t surpass the power of watch and watch should be the main attraction of your wrist.

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Choose a sparkling wristwatch

When you decide to pair up both accessories, remember that only one wrist accessory has to outshine. And that’s the timepiece. You can’t wear both flashy wrist accessories. Why so? This is because watch is the most functional and important wrist accessory, whereas bracelets are donned in order to amplify the whole attire which includes the watch.

When accessorizing, avoid the common mistake of putting together a flashy wristwatch to an equally good looking bracelet. This creates the confusion over which ornament is actually grabbing the spotlight. Sure, it diminishes the aesthetic value of your watch and your overall look.

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Use Metal Bracelets for Formal Occasions

It’s easier to mix and match for causal look. However, in case you have to attend the formal gatherings, social events or meetings, you might want to look smart and sharp. On wearing alone, watches suit the most for formal gatherings sleek. This is truly valid for both men and women. However, women have room for flexibility.

Adding one bracelet, however, can uplift the women’s style. The number of bracelets must be limited to one or two and the size and style should be minimal. The best type of stacked bracelet is a precious metal one which look qualified and classic. Plus, you can draw more attention and create that vibrant and happy look. Though, you need to make sure that your stacked wrist accessories go well with your outfit.

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For Men: Rugged Bracelets for Casual

Rugged bracelets seem appropriate when going outdoor adventures. Opt for a functional and rugged design wristwatch. In order to get the battle-ready look, use rope bracelets as they complement well with sturdier timepieces.

For Women: Metal, Beaded, Charm, Leather Bracelets for Casual

Mixing the colors, materials, textures and sizes of the bracelets is great. However, there needs to be something that binds the whole stack together, some sort of unifying theme. You would not want the stack to look mismatched or overly matched. The right coordination is essential. Thus, make sure that you try on your stack of bracelets some time before leaving the house to ensure that the stacked accessories go well with the outfit and you are comfortable with them. There are numerous and creative ways to stack watch with bracelets to finish off their entire look. Here are some examples to try on:

  • Mix different metal hues and metal watch to create a cohesive look.
  • For feminine appeal, use beautiful charm bracelets with good looking timepieces
  • For edgy look, create a combo of thin beaded bracelets and leather with a dress watch


Stacking watch and bracelets is about creativity, and you need the inspiration to unleash this creativity. The inspiration can be anywhere. Be open to ideas and confidence is the key. Let’s lay out all the bracelets and watches you have on your dresser. Keep on experiment and let the stacking fun begins. Adding a new piece to your accessory collection for endless imagination. We hope our blog will inspire some of your own bracelet and watch stacking creativity.


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