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Pearl Jewelry Is Top Jewelry Trend for fall

Pearl Jewelry Is Top Jewelry Trend for fall-Winter 2019

Fashion is a manifestation of one’s persona. What you represent displays your personality. However, Pearl Jewelry Is Top Jewelry Trend for fall-Winter 2019 it is not all about clothes or shoes. Accessorizing also plays a crucial role. The right accessory can complete and elevate your look. Throughout time jewelry has played an important part when it comes to accessorizing, and every year we see timeless pieces coming back into style with a modern twist. One of those rare gemstones is the pearl. Jewelry with pearls never really goes out of style and always stands out as a statement piece.

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At the beginning, there was jewelry made out of seashells, frequently with the mother-of-pearl. Later on, more pearl accessories began to show up like hair clips and headbands. Fashion styles like these became inevitable in the time of Instagram savvy people and the continuous flow of street-style creativity. Plus, the trend with pearl accessories has advanced onto its next stage, perfect for the time of fall.

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Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly often adorned pearl clad jewelry during their time with sophistication and class, however, the current version is not so formal. With an endless array of colors available, there are a lot of natural forms and fascinating metal work that provides a sculptural component to the accessories. Due to the resurgence of the pearl jewelry and accessories, a lot of celebrities have been wearing them, which is an acceptance that every new trend needs,in order to be famous. Beautiful actors such as Zendaya, who wore pearl hoops to an award show. Model Gigi Hadid, has been often seen in her favorite pair of pearl earrings. Ashley Graham adores wearing her pearl pendants.

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Pearls, being graceful and ladylike, were seen in a lot of the traditional trends of fall and winter this year. Expectedly, pearl jewelry played a big part in the Parisian fashion houses. Designer brands such as Dior and Céline made the use of pearls as classically as they could in their collection. With tasteful gemstones encrusted pearl necklaces, to simple stud earrings, their collections were flavorsome yet passionate.

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On the other hand, brands like Chanel went all out when it came to using pearls. The exquisite tiny orbs were tastefully made into ornate chokers and big dangling earring. Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Simone Rocha, Emilia Wickstead, and Adeam scattered pearls on their runways. Moreover, pearl hair accessories and many others were also viewed for the fall 2019 collections.

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This fall, find a piece that will compliment your personal style. Wear it with a simple button down shirt and jeans, or with formal attire. Enhance your look with a pearl accessory or jewelry, whether it is in the form of a classic choker, tear drop pearl earrings, a statement bracelet, stack of pearl rings, or something as dainty as a pearl brooch. This is a trend that keeps coming back and stands the test of time. So if you’re considering trying something new or add on a touch of elegance in your style this fall, consider adding pearls to your collection.

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