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When Buying Onyx Ring or Onyx Jewelry

Ultimate Guide When Buying Onyx Ring or Onyx Jewelry

We gathered information for everything you need to know when buying Onyx ring or Onyx Jewelry. All top tips will help you make informed purchase decision and choose the perfect Onyx ring or jewelry. The use of Onyx has been widespread in vintage jewelry from the time of Greeks and Romans Period to the Victorian and Art Deco Era. At one point in history Onyx used to be incredibly valuable, but fast-forward to today and it is one of the most affordable gemstones, and suits any budget.  

Many World’s luxury jewelry brands and runway jewelry pieces incorporate onyx stone in their luxury pieces. Onyx stone is timeless and versatile gemstones. The black hue can look elegant and sophisticated, yet it can go well with all outfit and any occasion.  With all the fast fashion trends going on, keeping up with trends can be tiring. With a few onyx ring or onyx jewelry in your jewelry box, you can never go wrong! No matter what fashion trend is hot or not, you will always be able to rock onyx pieces.

What Is Onyx?

Onyx jewelry is an ancient gemstone that has been used in jewelry and carvings as well. The stone comes from a silicate mineral, Chalcedony, that is mostly made of calcite. Onyx is found in several areas worldwide. Water drips from stalactites and stalagmites, after which it evaporates and then leaves deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals.

This mineral usually has contrasting layers of color. It is one of the most important and popular engraving gemstones. Onyx is wildly popular for its swirls and rich, vibrant color. Onyx has a Mohs scale hardness reading of 7.  It is durable stone and super easy to maintain.

The Onyx is also the birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo. Black onyx is also the birthstone for December. Traditionally, it is given as a 7th-anniversary gift, while a Black Onyx is given as a 10th-year anniversary gift.

Why has the Onyx Ring Become Popular?

This attractive vibrant color of the gemstone makes it appropriate for a wide range of occasions across the spectrum. This piece of gemstone is highly valued and increasingly popular to women and men because of the following:

  • Onyx is gorgeous across the board from silver to gold. For example, the black onyx variety works are the widest variety of outfits making it best suited for many occasions you may ever attend.
  • The onyx is a mark and statement, which is undeniable and no one cannot fail to impress. The black onyx cannot fail to add that mysterious and sophisticated class to your outfit to grab attention and stand out.
  • The gemstone is befitting for daily use. You may clean the ring with ease, as it is durable to sustain your maintenance efforts. This means you can wear it every day, but won’t notice it wearing out.
  • Perhaps the reason it is most convenient is its ability to match with other gemstones. For example, you can wear it with diamond studs, turquoise bracelet and a variety of other options such as a sapphire necklace.
  • Since it is one of the birthstones with regard to the ancient zodiacal sign of Leo, it is a great gift for a person born in July. Also, what could be a more memorable gift for 7th Anniversary day than a sparkle surprise that your loved ones can cherish forever.

What To Consider When Buying Onyx

If you’re out shopping for something as valuable as Onyx, you should be trained a little more. Below we’ve listed a few things that you should know about:

1.Know the Imitations

There is black plastic that are sold as onyx. This plastic is much lighter and softer and glossy even at the back of the stone. Black plastic can be easily scratched or cracked. When you buying Onyx, you can primarily check the weight or the gloss look at the back of the stone.

If you’re serious about finding out if your onyx is real or fake, you can put the stone through a scratch test or a fire test. Use a lighter to light the stone for 10 seconds before dropping it in water. If it’s a real onyx, the stone will remain unharmed, but if it’s fake it will be melted.

2.Check the Surface

In order to determine whether or not the Onyx gem you’re buying is of a good quality, you can just check the surface of the gem. The best gems have a well-polished surface that is also reflective. The gem should not have any cracks or scratches on the surface.

3.The Cut of Onyx

Onyx stone is available in a variety of shapes. Most commonly, onyx is usually cut into a smooth glossy cabochon in conventional shapes such as round, oval, square, pear, marquise and square.

Black onyx rings are valued largely on its ring metal, design and setting. With some extent by how the gemstone is cut, carved, and set. Onyx Stones with custom cuts, detailed carvings and settings will have a higher price tag than a conventional cut and calibrated size stone. The checker board cut or faceted onyx will display incredible surface lustre and will cost more for its cutting crafts.

4.Onyx Color

Typically, onyx occurs in alternating colors. Black onyx is the most famous variety of onyx. Other than black and white onyx, surd onyx is also very popular. Surd onyx has a brown base layer. It also has a lighter upper layer which has a red base layer.

5.Clarity of the Onyx

Onyx gemstones often have no impurities. These stones are known for their high level of quality. Most onyx gemstones are opaque. Thus, when you’re buying an Onyx gem make sure that they’re similar.

Onyx Treatment

Since Onyx gemstones are naturally banded colors, onyx jewelry , most of stones have different shades of light color or white band usually in a circular format.  When you see a black onyx in the market, it’s important to know that black onyx is often dyed or heat-treated to make its color uniform. Chalcedony can easily absorb the dye and give the even color stone.  The practice is a common standard and well accepted in the jewelry market. It does not impact the value of the stone or impact the durability of the stone.

Onyx Location

Onyx is found in three places, namely Mexico, Arizona, and Algeria. Onyx gemstones are found primarily in caves; one such cave is located in Ain Tekbalet, which is located at in Algeria.

Other countries, when you can find these memorable caves are numerous. For example, India is rich in Onyx gems.

Onyx Healing Properties & Meaning

Onyx has been thought to have mysterious healing properties. Onyx jewelry has been used as a worry stone in order to help people deal with conflicting emotions. People also believe that Onyx has the power to recover from unrequited love.

Onyx is also supposed to help in childbirth, temper control, and strengthens the heart. The gemstone is used by many to get of negativity as well. Indians used it to ward off ‘the evil eye” as well. Some people also believed that Onyx’s powers meant that the gemstone was being misused.

Onyx has also been used to bring about protection, power, black magic and reduction of sexual desires. Onyx also bought more strength, stamina, and self-control.

Onyx, in reality, has many different healing properties according to different people. Whether these properties actually manifest into the effects talked about is under debate. Moving on, the meaning of the word on itself. Onyx is more of a descriptive term rather than one has to go to publications.

How To Care Onyx Jewelry

Onyx is quite durable stone and maintenance is super easy in keeping its at best appearance.  You can care for your onyx jewelry by cleaning it with a moist cloth. When the dirt built up, you can use soap and warm water with a soft brush to wash the onyx stone. Once washed, make sure the soap is rinsed off and the stone is dried thoroughly. We don’t recommend using any chemical solutions as the chemicals may seep into the gemstone and thus, onyx jewelry , it can cause discoloration.

Final Note

Being cost effective and fashionable-looking, the onyx ring and jewelry has become predominant occupying the display shelves of leading jewelry stores all around the world. If you want to make a simplistic, minimalistic yet fashionable style statement, an onyx ring is the right choice for you.

Explore Beautiful Onyx Ring and Onyx Jewelry over 8000 designs!  From beautiful latest trend, statement making, minimalist and versatile everyday look to sophisticated vintage style.


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